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I got a divorce 17 years ago in san Antonio texas. My ex-husband knew he was going to file and I didn't. He withdrew all money from our account. hired himself a lawyer. I went to court without a lawyer he was granted with everything. and I walked away with nothing one of the house has remain in both of our names. can I take him back to court after 17 years

Hi Annette.

Thank you for your question. You can take someone to court anytime you'd like. But, before you do, you may want to just ask your ex if he would be willing to sign a 'quit claim deed'. One just never knows...And, asking costs you nothing. The form is available, and can be notarized, at his local escrow/title company. If the house is paid for there shouldn't be any other further paperwork. The service company will just need to verify how you'd like to have the new title read.

If you home is not paid for, and the mortgage is in both of your names, you may want to refinance your home into your name only. as a bonus to him. This would relieve this debt off of his credit, increase his credit score, and lessen his debt to income ratios. The latter of which will make it easier for him to obtain other loans.

Previous action taken / not taken in your divorce will most likely not have any baring on the outcome of any legal action you take now - should that be the option you choose to make. The one possible exception would be is that judge may see your ex's actions as the assumption that the house was to remain yours, if there isn't something in writing reading one way or another.

PLEASE keep in mind, I am a Realtor, NOT an attorney. The above is not intended to replace legal advice -- which is strongly suggested. You may want to ask your question at Legal.com and/or Avvo.com, or at similar no cost sites.

Best wishes!

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