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Documentaries/How can documentary filmmakers earn a living?


Dear Sir, often when I read about notable documentaries, I was told it might take one year or more to follow the subjects, edit and finish it.

It is admirable . But I was wondering in that one year, financially speaking, how can the filmmakers live?

Normally, are they rich enough not to worry about their monthly wage?

Thank you.

Really good question... I've asked that question myself for over 30 years!!!

You have to budget yourself a weekly salary when you budget your documentary.  If you're doing this professionally, then that's how you are also making your living.  You likely will have other staff and facilities you have to pay, for instance, sound mixing.  You may have other crew members besides yourself that you have to pay. You have to be able to pay your monthly bills while working full time to make your film.

Often beginning doc makers make their first few films while also having a full time job else where. Usually these are fairly low budget films and ones that are suitable for completing with many weekends worth of work. Most people I know who try to make a career of doing it this way, eventually just focus on their day jobs.  At some point your work has to sale and prove that there is a return on the invested dollar.

Today the doc market is intensely competitive in terms of sales. Go to MIPDOC this Spring in Cannes and you'll see what I mean.  If you want to compete, you have to get to the point that you can raise enough budget which also includes your salary (one that you live on, usually not get rich on) and also have a decent track record selling your work. None of this is easy.  I use to live in Holland and it was a lot easier as I could access European MEDIA Programme funds on my projects.  You being in the UK, I'm sure you can also do that.  The supporting organizations will approve your budget and fund you... you just need to put a fair market salary in the budget for yourself. In America, you can access a few "Grants" but more and more, you've got to raise the funds as if it's a business proposition. In other words, backers of your project expect to make a profit.  Trust me, in terms of documentary filmmaking, this is hard.  You have to create a business model just like you would in any business.


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