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Dodge/Fuel delivery or sensor problems


1994 ram 2500 5.9 magnum gas. 10,000 miles ago I put in new fuel pump, TPS, MAP, and IAC. No problems til three weeks ago. Driving at 60mph, a couple bucks and sputters. Then, engine started vibrating. It smoothed out. Couple miles later, the bucking and vibrating combined with power loss on acceleration. I took it home and asked around. Cat converter may be plugged. Took it off. No difference. Now it idles fine in driveway but just before it gets to operating temp, no power. Won't go up a hill. I noticed it loses power at certain throttle percentile. Again, I put in new throttle position solenoid. No difference. New plugs. Nothing. Now I have check engine light. Codes indicate TPS, MAP, and of course...o2 sensor. Replaced cat. Plugged in changes. Same codes. Fuel pump is 45psi. What is the problem here? plenium gasket intact. Injectors optimal.Somebody has to know something. It's been three weeks without my truck and I have construction business. Need truck. Viable answers welcome.

a converter would make it happen all the time just as if you were trying to drink out of a bent straw  not gonna happen.  only real way to carch something like that is to have a scanner on it and see what the sensors are goign at that time. and well because its pre obd2  that will be a challenge  


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