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Dodge/83 Dodge PU shifting problems


logan wrote at 2013-06-07 20:28:30
i have the same problem with my 83 dodge 4x4 pu it only gose into first and revese and when in first i go to hit the gas and it justwants to die plzi need help i need this truck for mudding so respond as soon as possible thanks



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Richard L Richard


I have been deeply intrigued with Chrysler/Dodge mechanics and extremely well at diagnosing them. I myself have had two 94 3.0L Chrysler Engines, 1 w/ the A604 Ultra-Drive and the A-543 Getrag Manual (5) speed. I have done most of my work myself and have helped many friends and strangers with mechanical issues. I am constantly strengthening my knowledge inside the Mopar Arena reading daily and finding things to modify/upgrade/repair on my own vehicle. I can answer questions pertaining to fuel issues (on fuel injected), most main Chrysler sensors and their purposes (MAP, EGR, TPS, AIS, Coolant, Knock, Relays, etc.) I can assist in emissions issues (i.e. gas mileage, ignition problems) and I know most of the breakdown and specs on these engines. I can discuss Cam profiles, Lash adjusters, Valve Springs Rocker Arms, Timing Belts, etc. I, being a close friend with a 10 year Chrysler Mechanic have discussed Chrysler Engine manufacturing, vigorous testing, durability, Etc. I can advise on oil related issues such as Loss of oil, burning/leaking oil, high/low oil pressure, weight and viscosity of the oil and the differences and qualities in various brands of oil. I know how an Automatic and a Standard Transmission/Transaxle work along with the intermediate velocity shafts and constant velocity joints, bearings, boots. I can assist in brake issues such as brake pull, loss of brake pressure, and feeling of the brake pedal, how to bleed brakes, and how ABS works as well as the master cylinder. I feel I could be a bigger help to other Mopar owners who would much rather not feel ripped off by a mis-diagnostic.


I have been working on my engine in various dept.'s for over two years now vigorously and attentively, using my knowledge, physics, and common sense to determine a problem, or a resourceful way of fixing something. I have helped fix/diagnos many vehicles (friends and strangers) as well as read manuals and engine breakdowns of various engines.

I am currently enrolled at Florida Gulf Coast University and do not belong to any organization. My plans are to get my AA here with basic/complex Math education as well as physics to better understand the dynamics of materials and compounds I will be using when I initiate and complete my automotive education at UTI (Universal Technical Inst.) located in Orlando FL. with dreams of working for Porsche, NASCAR, or Daimler/Mercedes.

High School, Physics I, II, and Honors Trig and Geometry, College Algebra, etc.

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