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I am looking for some clarification on timing. I have the motor stripped down and the heads off and at the machine shop. I had someone from a local garage give me a hand to make sure nothing was messed up when I got to the part about timing. Well I dont believe he was knowledgable as he claimed. I set the crank slot to TDC. The two cam gears were lined up with the v8 mark at the 12oclock position. When he busted the bolt loose for the crank/harmonic balancer, the timing mark is now slightly off. When he busted the bolts loose for the gears at the cam, the cam rotated a little as well. I had not noticed this. Prior to taking the cam gears off, I did zip tie the timing chain to the guides so they didnt move or drop. But that was prior to me realizing the crank moved a little from TDC. Now I am sort of lost what I need to do to ensure proper timing. Do i put the harmonic balancer back on and move back to tdc then pull back off? Since I have the two cam chains zip tied down do i need to do this after i get the heads back on and gears back on the cam? Then just put the cam gears at V8 12oclock? I apologize for this being all over the place but I dont want to have the timing messed up and bend a valve or worse. I appreciate your help in advance.

I looked into the manual for that engine and find that the valve timing section is much more complex than I have seen for the V-6 engines. I don't think you can do this job right unless you have all the pages.  There are about 14 pages of information about the entire process involved in timing job. There are also detailed instructions about putting on the cylinder heads, and the cam shafts, etc. I would not try reassembling the engine without a manual for fear of overlooking a detail that can mess up the entire job.
I can copy the 14 pages about the timing chain off my CD and attach them to emails that I would send to you if you can't get a good manual easily. To do that I need to know your email address so tell me that but don't use the @ symbol or it will be erased and won't arrive with your response. Instead use 'at' in place of @. You would need to have a printer to print out each page I send because I send it so as to fit the display screen (sideways). So feel free to ask me to do this. But if you have the heads off now, then I think you need a copy of the Chrysler shop manual for this engine if you are going to do this successfully.
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