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QUESTION: hello my r/t charger has been having a reoccuring issue.  It only happens at wide open throttle or very near wide open throttle.  what happens is when the moter gets near shift point (5200 or above rpms), it has a stall sometimes when close to shifting.  it is like the moter shuts down for a few seconds.  no power what so ever.  it does not die but has total power loss.   the oil light flashes also and normally i have an engine light on for minor codes such as oxygen sensor because i have headers on this car and when occurance happens the engine light goes out for a bit as if the computer has reset.  this was first noticed when my wife was driving this car trying to pass someone.  when i first bought this car i raced it and had no problems such as this.  we swapped cars for awhile and it started this issue so we swapped back.  now i cant race it any more because every time it gets almost to shift it does this power loss... if i manually shift out before 5000 rpms it has no problems but i prefer to let the transmission shift itself at the normal presets... i have also had a diablo predator on it and reset the tcm adaptation which made no difference....  im thinking possibly computer flash and upgrade or new computer altogether but not sure.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Keep checking for fault codes, and tell me which ones are now showing. I wouldn't throw parts at it in hopes of fixing it. I am not familiar with the Predator, but if that is involved with trans shifts you might do well to recheck its wiring and instruction manual. Also check out the battery clamps and the ground points on the - post clamp wires.
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QUESTION: I had the diablo on it wen i drove it before ma wife took it over and had no issues....i took the diablo off and had it on a magnum wen the problem started....  i just put it back on to adjust shift points and reset tcm adaptation to see if it made any did not....i have checked what grounds i could find and battery post far as codes im not near a solus or the car right now but i will check them later...i have checked them before and nothing seemed to be related but i do think ther might have been a bcm code....could it be related?

Codes are the most useful diagnostic info we have so lets check those out.
Even a bcm code would be possibly a clue.

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QUESTION:   I finally got to put it on a solus and here are the codes i got......from engine codes are stored codes......PO430 and PO420. Bank 1 & 2 catalyst efficiency low.  ( these are due to the full length headers and catback exhaust i have on the car and it had the reoccuring problem before i installed them) code is an actve code and shows up in the front control module (FCM/CGW),  Instrument cluster module (CCN), airbag (ORC), and occupant classification module (OCM),........UO184 Lost Communication with Radio....................any ideas would be so helpful....Thx Ben..

Hi Ben,
Revised answer:
I have spent a few minutes looking at my '06 manual and it appears to me that the sorting out of your situation can only be done if you have the '06 manual in your possession. It is beyond my capability to sort out these various codes and then describe to you what you need to do.
I would advise you to watch on eBay for a CD of the 2006 Dodge "Service Information/Diagnostic Information disc which includes the LX model (Charger,300). You may well have the tool that you need to communicate with the CAN communication system that these codes are pointing toward as the reason for you problem. But it would literally take me hours to sort it out and probably hours to tell you how to do it.

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