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I am replacing my 1996 Dodge Ram ignition switch because I have no continuity between pin 3 and ground with the switch in the start position. I cannot figure out how to install and secure the lock cylinder without removing the steering wheel, a task I don't relish. The 1996 model has a bolt holding the cylinder in place of a detente pin.

Removal is a snap because you pull out the switch with the cylinder installed and the bolt in place. You need to install w/o the cylinder in place and then insert it and the bolt later. In all the info I looked at, there's no mention of removing the steering wheel. Help!

The ignition switch is located on the steering column. The Key-In-Switch is located in the ignition switch module. For diagnosis of the Key-In-Switch, refer to Section 8U.

Disconnect negative cable from battery.
If vehicle has a tilt column, remove tilt lever by turning it counterclockwise.
Remove upper and lower covers from steering column Shroud Removal/Installation - Typical
Remove ignition switch mounting screws. Use tamper proof torx bit Snap-on TTXR20A2 or equivalent to remove the screws Ignition Switch Screw Removal or Ignition Switch Screw Removal
Gently pull switch away from column. Release connector locks on 7-terminal wiring connector, then remove connector from ignition switch.
Release connector lock on 4-terminal connector, then remove connector from ignition switch Key-In-Switch and Halo Lamp Connector
To remove key cylinder from ignition switch:
Insert key in ignition switch. Turn key to LOCK position. Using a TTXR20A2 or equivalent torx bit, remove key cylinder retaining screw and bracket Key Cylinder Retaining Screw or Key Cylinder Retaining Screw
Rotate key clockwise to the OFF position. Key cylinder will unseat from ignition switch Unseated Key Cylinder When key cylinder is unseated, it will be approximately 1/8 inch away from ignition switch halo light ring. Do not attempt to remove key cylinder at this time.
With key cylinder in unseated position, rotate key counterclockwise to the lock position and remove key.
With key cylinder in unseated position, rotate key counterclockwise to the lock position and remove key.
Remove key cylinder from ignition switch Key Cylinder Removal
Connect electrical connectors to ignition switch. Make sure that switch locking tabs are fully seated in wiring connectors.
Before attaching ignition switch to a tilt steering column, the transmission shifter must be in Park position. The park lock dowel pin and column lock flag must also be properly indexed before installing switch Ignition Switch View From Column
Place transmission shifter in PARK position.
Place ignition switch in lock position. The switch is in the lock position when column lock flag is parallel to ignition switch terminals Ignition Switch View From Column
Position ignition switch park lock dowel pin so it will engage steering column park lock slider linkage Ignition Switch Mounting Pad
Apply a light coating of grease to column lock flag and park lock dowel pin
Place ignition switch against lock housing opening on steering column. Ensure that ignition switch park lock dowel pin enters slot in park lock slider linkage in steering column.
Install retaining bracket and ignition switch mounting screws. Tighten screws to 3.5 Nm (264 in. lbs.) torque.
Install ignition lock cylinder:
With lock cylinder and ignition switch in Lock position, insert lock cylinder into ignition switch until it bottoms.
Insert ignition key into lock cylinder. While gently pushing lock cylinder in toward ignition switch, rotate ignition key to end of travel.
Install retaining screw into bracket and lock cylinder. Tighten screw to 3.5 Nm (264 in. lbs.) torque.
Install steering column covers. Tighten screws to 2 Nm (17 in. lbs.) torque.
If vehicle is equipped with a tilt steering column, install tilt lever.
Connect negative cable to battery.
Check for proper operation of halo light, shift lock (if applicable), and column lock. Also check for proper operation of ignition switch accessory, lock, off, run, and start positions.  

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