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QUESTION: 2002 chrysler neon sxt 2.0l L4 a604- 41te other than changing the tcm with a new programing, should the rans.shift solenoid and the pcm be replaced?  Obd2 cds p0605,p0700,p0700pd...I have the tcm now.. car was fine mil lite came on and went to limp mode..changed alimput n output speed sen. Chk and cleand all grounds,plugs n connectors...that's when I found the shift sol pk connection housing was soaked with trans fluid and trans shift was leekn as well.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,
The 0605, particularly if you have checked the plugs and the wires and the ground and power supply leads to it and found nothing amiss, would result in your needing to replace the TCM. The 0700 (but the '0700pd' I don't recognize) usually is just interpreted as an alert that there is a specific trans fault code also present (e.g. the 0605) so at this point it would be prudent to go ahead and hook up the replacement tcm and see what happens. The solenoid pack may not be harmed but I would replace its gasket to stop the trans fluid leaking into it. I am not sure what you meant by the 'trans shift' was leaking as well so I will not make a suggestion about that.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Mr. Roland for your thero responce, my nex question pertains to the solenoid pack itself. When testing the pins,4-8,4-7,4-6,4-5 the readings were all the same,1.7ohms. Now I was told that it wasn't possable to get an acurate reading this way due to the resistors in the unit. IS THIS TRUE? Do u know of another way to test the solenoid to ck for a fault? Also I jumped the 30-87 posts in the pdc and checked for power at pin 15 n the tcm plug.12.68v was obtained. Then jumped pins 15-56 on tcm plug and measured 12.68v @pins 9,16,17,19,20,47,50,59,60. Also checked for short to ground on the pin 19 wt wire. Meter states OL. So 19 wasn't short to ground. All tests indecate that solenoid is ok. Is there any other recomendation on where elese to ck that might have caused this problem?  Any advise would be greatly aprecheated. Thanks for your time n advance, that KEVIN fella is a real @$$-+!&. Very rude!!!!

Hi Robert,
Are you aware that there are about a dozen or so tests of the solenoid pack that the TCM is running constantly while you are operating the vehicle, and if any one of those test is found to be 'wanting' that a fault code that tells what is the problem will be set? The tests check not only the circuits but also the functioning of the solenoids and pressure switches. The only code that you have told me about is the 0605 and so that one clearly says to replace the TCM. Have you done that?
Have you checked again since doing that for new fault codes? That to me is the only way to solve problems with the A604/41TE transmission. It appears that you have verified as much as you can with a volt-ohmmeter. And the TCK, if is working right, has a much better ability to diagnose problems with the transmission than you can do with a volt-ohmmeter. The other type of tests that might be worth running are for the pressure levels in the various clutch circuits using a gauge and tapping that into the various pressure ports.
But I would want to first get a fresh code readout with a functional TCM. Let me know of any new codes you get.
A nationwide auto parts store such as Autozone will often do a fault code readout for free.
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