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QUESTION: My 2001 Dodge Ram 1500/V6 idles at 1125 RPM when in park.After I drive it a little while and put it in park, it idles at 1375 RPM. This seems and feels like it's idling to high. If I shut it off and restart it, it idles at 1125 RPM again. Do you think fuel line cleaner or carburetor cleaner will help. If not what do you think the problem is or is it normal.

  Also is there a web site that shows Diagrams.

ANSWER: Hi Curtis,
It may be that the throat of the throttle body is dirty such that the throttle plate is sticking slightly ajar.  So you could clean the walls of the throat as  well as both sides of the throttle plate and air passageway on the side of the throat, using a solvent. That passageway is how the idle intake air is controlled by means of an automatic idle speed control device which could also be dirty or malfunctioning. The only place to use cleaner would be to the throat, passageway, throttle plate of the throttle body.
The next thing to do is get a fault code readout of the powertrain control module. It may be that using the ignition will do that: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window in the cluster to see if the mileage reading changes to show any 4-digit numbers preceded by a P. If so, let me know what those are.
If that doesn't work then you can possibly get a free code readout at a nationwide auto parts store, such as "Autozone", by means of a plug-in code reader. If that is not convenient an independent shop will usually do a readout for $40 or less. Once we have a fault code number then we can focus on what to do.
You may find some diagrams at the website. I can also copy pages from '04 manual that show the throttle body and attach those to an email I will send to you directly. Let me know which V-6 engine you have. I need to know your email address but when you tell me that don't use the @ symbol but instead us 'at' or the address is automatically erased from the follow-up question.
Let me know what codes you get.
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QUESTION: I have the V6/Magnum engine. I could not find the exact size for the engine. The auto parts store told me once but I cannot remember.

  Can you send me a diagram of the throttle body. My email address is ""

  The first fault code readout read P0304. The second readout read P0455.

ANSWER: Hi Curtis,
The 0304 means a 'miss' was seen on cylinder #4 but most likely that is due to the 0455 which says that there is 'large' leak in the system which is involved with capturing and recycling evaporated fuel in the tank into the engine. It is probably a loose hose fitting between the tank and the vapor canister or from the canister to the intake manifold. I will see what I can find in the '04 manual that might be helpful to you and will send you an email. Fixing the leak will probably also fix the high idle speed so I wouldn't start on the throttle body issue until you find and tighten up the leak.
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QUESTION: I'm having a hard time finding the vapor canister. Is it located on the fuel tank or near it. If I can find the vapor canister I can back track the hoses. I've owned car all of my life and this is the first truck I've owned. Learning new things.

Hi Curtis,
As explained on my home page, I don't have any truck manuals earlier than '04. But based upon how these systems are laid out in the car/minivan line the vapor canister is often located in the engine compartment in the front right corner. It has  two hoses and also an electrical actuator that controls the valve that releases stored vapor to go to the engine intake manifold via one of those hoses. The other hose comes from the region in front of the fuel tank where there is a device that pumps the vapors from the tank to the vapor canister and it too has several hoses associated with that function and an electrical connection for the pump. So look at the area just in front of the fuel tank for that set of hoses. Somewhere in that set up you should find a loose hose clamp or maybe a cracked hose which is what the fault code says has resulted in 'large leak'. The underhood sticker show the hose connections.
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