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QUESTION: I am trying to get my sons car running.  The car is used and has over 150,000 on it. It runs well.  He has no fob just a key.
Right now all it does when you open the door is the directionals flash off and on and so do the head lights. I have tried all the options for resetting (key in ignition left and right, etc) to no avail.  Is there a way I can defeat this permanently or would it be better to use the VIN # to get a fob and hope it works?
Appreciate some help.  I have the lower dash all removed and cannot see anything out of the normal.  Kinda dead in the water right now.

ANSWER: Hi Randy,
If you have tried using the door key lock (lock then unlock) and the theft security system still remains 'armed' then chances are that the wires that connect each of the door lock cylinders to the body computer are broken (likely at the hinges). The wires are light green/orange in color.
Your choices are to get a key fob and program it, repair the wires, or disarm the system at bcm and then never 'arm' it again by only using the mechanical push-buttons to secure the vehicle as you leave it. There is no easy way to disconnect the system because it is wired into the body control module (bcm).
If you want to disarm it now go to the bcm which is located behind the carpeting of the right side kick panel under the dash (just in front of door opening). You remove the right end cover of the dash, then you can remove the carpeting that covers the bcm and then cut through the dash liner cloth that is hiding the bcm from view. You will see three 24-pin plugs on the top of the bcm. The wire in question is on pin 3 of the black color plug. To simulate the disarming simply jump a wire between that light green/orange wire and chassis ground, then remove the jumper. The light on the top of the dash for the theft system status should go out. Now you should be able to start the engine and have it run. If your son will refrain from using the power locks, or the door key locks to secure the door when leaving then the system should not 'arm'. Just use the mechanical push-buttons on the interior of the doors to secure the vehicle.
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QUESTION: Thanks a ton Roland just a couple of questions based on your response.
1) you note the light green/orange wires. Am i to assume these are seperate wires?
2) the bcm, is this the unit that is about 8" long, 4" wide and about 1/2" thick to the right of the glove box.  I saw the unit just had a ton of wire/plugs.
3) lastly,  in regard to the fob.  Do you know if I can use the VIN number to get a FOB for the car? Also, if the car is causing issues would I still be able to program it?


ANSWER: Hi Randy,
No, the light green/orange wire means that the overall color is light green but also has an orange stripe. The same color wire is found at the door locks on the front doors and they are spliced together behind the dash and then a single light green/orange wire is routed to pin 3 of the black plug at the BCM. What you saw was indeed the BCM, so just find the black plug and note that there are pin numbers etched next to each wire. Just use a pin to probe the wire where it enters its socket and then jump from the pin to any shiny structural metal surface nearby, then disconnect the jump. The Theft Security light on the top of the dash should go out. If you do the same thing again it will 're-arm' the system as that is what the door lock does.
As for the fob, each fob has its own code built-in to it. You have to do a bit of disassembly to the dash center console to reach the traction control module and then jump one of its pins to ground. That sets up the fob module to get ready to accept the signal from the fob. You can program two separate fobs into the module. If you go that route let me know and I can photocopy and postal mail you the instructions for doing that. The fobs should work even if the light green/orange wires are not properly connected between the door lock and the BCM.
So I don't believe you need to buy a FOB based upon the VIN # as the FOB which came with the car had its code, and any other FOB you get will have its own code which you then have to go through the code entry routine to make it work.
I would only wonder whether the vehicle does have the remote fob module or not (I am not clear if that was a standard feature or an optional extra). You could look for the module by lifting off the pad that runs the full width across the top of the dash by gently prying up at the ends, then prying up along the rear edge, then sliding it rearward after all the clips are 'open'. Install is the reverse starting with the clips in the center. the module is to the right of center and has two 8-pin connectors: black and blue in color.
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Tylers car parts
Tylers car parts  

BCM Module
BCM Module  
QUESTION: Hi Roland,  had time to look again at the car.  I looked for the specifics that you have been so generous to help with.

Attached are pictures with specific pics of what I think are the remote fob module, the bcm module, and the wire I am understanding you noting.

Having said this lets go back to the fob option.  

If I were to get a fob would I need to fix the wires (assuming they are broke in the door) or disable the wire completely as you noted by grounding it in order to make the fob work?

If so can you walk me through the setting up the fob.  you mentioned the traction control module and photocopy of setting this up.

Lastly I will send one additional message with a picture of the wire I think your talking about to make sure its correct.
I have the lower dash completely off so I can get at pretty much everything.

Also, doing the fob would I still need to disarm the system prior or can it be in alarm to set up the fob.

Appreciate ALL YOUR HELP !!!

Hi Randy,
It was not clear in the picture of the other parts as to what they are, but the other of the bcm is clearly correct. What are the colors of the wire that is hanging down?
You wouldn't have to fix the door wires, and assuming that the key fob will be programmed and do the locking and unlocking then the non-function of the door lock switches should impact things.
I would believe that you would want to have the theft system in the disarmed condition before you start programming a new fob. The free wire harness shown in bcm photo may be the one that you have to use to do the programming if it has 6 pins, is black and was either attached to the traction control module or its bezel, and has wires on pins 1-4. When you get a useable FOB let me know and I will give you the instructions for entering it into the fob module.

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