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QUESTION: Hello there!
I have a Dodge Ram 1500 2010 3.7L engine
The tech told me I need to buy a new ECM. MY ECM OEM part number is P05187920AD.
The issue is I need to buy this item and have it programmed in the states so that when it arrived in Angola it should be a plug and play. Can you please advise if this is doable and where can I get one?
I have seen some online but I am not sure they would be plug and play. I can buy one and have it shipped to a service that may program it to my car VIN number. Please help

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
Before getting into this question, on what basis were you told that you need a new ECM? Was there a diagnostic code fault code number (P followed by 4 digits) and if so, what is that number?
What was the mal-behavior that it exhibited that caused it to go to the shop?
Let me know and we'll go from there.
I would want to be sure that a replacement ECM is needed, based upon the fault code(s).
As to programming, if the truck has a sentry key immobilizer system (does the ignition key have a bulge in its handle?) or anti-lock brakes system? If so, then that would have to be entered into the ECM so that it will recognize the SKIM code and similarly the VIN for the ABS.
The SKIM, if not programmed might prevent the engine from running; the ABS would work OK but a false fault code might be set in the ECM memory.  The VIN and the odometer reading are also for the purposes of warranty which are perhaps "moot" at this point?
I would verify with the possible vendors as to whether their units would or would not be 'plug and play' after telling them whether you have the SKIM key or not. If it does need programming at the truck, then the local shop would have to have the diagnostic readout box which can do that job and know what they are doing. Is there any Chrysler dealer in the area?

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QUESTION: Hello there again, ROland!
The vehicle VIN # is 1D7RB1GP9AS122278. Can you tell all the vehicle specs with this number? If yes can you advise where to go to get a new ECM? As for the fault code I am not sure as the tech does not tell me much. All he told me is to get a new one because the one in the car might fail at any time. The car is runnning but not at its full spectrum. At least that's what the tech is telling me. There are no chrysler dealers where I am located.
Please advise

ANSWER: The VIN describes the main aspects of the vehicle such as the year, body, engine size, where it was manufactured, etc. There are many more details on the other identification plates behind the right headlight assembly.
I would try the following: turn the ignition switch: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see the kilometer reading disappear and be replaced by one or more 4-digit numbers, preceded by a P. Tell me what those numbers are and we'll go from there.
Don't buy an ecm without having the numbers from the odometer window and then correcting the problems that those numbers refer to.

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QUESTION: P0562 Battery System -Voltage low. The fault code does not go off.
Sorry for the late reply

Hi Tony,
That code has a number of possible causes before thinking about replacing the ecm (pcm).
First would be the condition of the battery, next the belt that drives the generator should not be slipping. Then the wiring needs to be checked: the + wire that goes to the power module/battery, the grounding of the -post of the battery and generator to one another, the functioning of the generator, the connection of the generator field control wire to the pcm.
See what the voltage on the system is of course, which should be at least 14V at idle.
Then if you find no problem with all the above, then a pcm replacement would be considered as it is what ultimately controls the function of the generator. But all the other possibilities come first.
Please read the PS below and respond to it.

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