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My 2009 Dodge Avenger sporadically has the temperature gauge goes up near half way, the oil light comes on and if I come to a stop, the car shutters as if stalling out.  Started on Thanksgiving weekend on 6 hour drive.  Had oil change done that Monday.  Stopped until last night when it started doing it again.  I took it to my regular mechanic and he can't find anything wrong with it.  Said he won't know what the problem is until the oil light stays on constantly or the temperature gauge remains high or a noise or something more substantial happens.
I'm at a loss.  Is there anything I can do or try to do?

Hi Kim,
The temperature gauge is not an issue as it normally will read between 1/4 and 1/2 full scale.
The oil pressure light will also come on if the engine is idling below normal rpm and is 'shuttering' because of that. Only if the light comes on when the engine is running normally would I be concerned.
As for the shuttering then, IF the mechanic checked for engine fault codes and found NONE, then a common reason for that is when the exhaust gas recirculation valve gets gummed up and fails to close tightly when you take your foot off the gas, or when you try to accelerate. That often can be corrected by lubricating the valve stem with WD-40 and moving the stem back and forth to loosen it up. I can't tell you exactly where it is because I don't have an '09 manual and also you didn't mention which size engine you have. But ask the mechanic to take a quick look at the egr valve and determine whether it might be sticking ajar and if so lubricate it or remove it and clean it.  

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