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Dodge Repair/'07 Durango: ac condenser cooling fan


QUESTION: I have a 2007 dodge durango the ac comes on and blows but does get cold the compressor comes on and the clutch is working but the evaporator fan is not working

ANSWER: Hi Mylo,
Do you mean that the blower motor that pumps air into the cabin is not working? That is the only fan that is inside the HVAC unit. There is not a separate evaporator fan. Instead there is a door (the blend air door) that directs the blown air variably over the heater coil, the evaporator coil, or a mix of the two. So what seems to be not working?

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QUESTION: No Iam sorry I ment the condensor fan the blower and the blend doors are working fine the compressor is coming on but I think it ain't cooling because the high side pressure is to high and kicking the compressore out because the condensor fan ain't working but I can't find where it gets it's power from I have no power at the fan and I can not find a fuse labeled for it

ANSWER: Hi Mylo,
The '06 manual for the Durango shows the radiator fan to be a viscous drive unit that is attached to the water pump, so there is no electrical power to it, nor would there be a fuse.
Is that what is also the case for your '07? I can copy pages from the '06 manual and attach them to an email which describes that fan set up. But you have to tell me your email address. Don't us @, instead use "at" or the address is erased automatically.
Thanks for the rating/nomination.

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QUESTION: you are right about it having a viscous drive fan for the radiator but the condensor coil is mounted to left of the radiator by its self with a electric fan to cool it

Hi Mylo,
I found the fan, but had to do some "sleuthing". I was puzzling about this because I couldn't find an electric fan in the wiring diagrams for the AC system in my '06 manual. But I did find that fan is where you said it was, in the AC system chapter description...but no wiring! Then I looked in the wiring diagram index and found it to be covered in the engine wiring section which is unique as I have never seen a fan as part of the engine wiring.
The fan is powered by fuse 23 (40 amp) and also a high and low speed relay in the power box.
There is a resistor in one of the wires to the fan module that is used in the low speed action so check that as well (see the dark green/dark blue wire on pin 2 of the fan module to locate that resistor. It may be that resistor is 'open' if only the low speed fan has been needed. If the high speed fan were requested, that should work even if the resistor were 'open'.
Let me know if you need more information.
If you would be so kind as to give me another rating and nomination, that would be appreciated.

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