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QUESTION: hi roland,my 99 intrepid has a 2.7ltr .have problem intermit dies going down road or sitting in drive or park and restarts.think it is electrical,does not set check eng lite or codes stored.getting worse[more often].i thought it might have been trans problem,surging,but saw tach go to 0 rpm and then back to normal [about 1500rpm]going down i said does not turn check engine lite on or store codes.long time ago map was replaced for no start condition,please help if you can.randy

ANSWER: Hi Randy,
When you say does not store codes do you have any indication that the code readout request is being seen by the engine control module and responding to you that there are indeed 'no codes'? Let me know what you are using to get the readout and we'll go from there.
Dies with no codes is difficult to diagnose. About the only item that I am aware that can cause the engine to die when in motion or slowing to a stop, without a code, is the exhaust gas recirculation valve being gummed up so as not to close tightly when it is released from use, which is when you accelerate or when take your foot off the gas and coast. It is a bit of a job to remove and clean out the valve but I can send you the pages that show how to do that if you want to try it yourself. Tell me your email address but don't use the @ symbol, instead use "at".
Please read the PS below and respond to it.

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QUESTION: had several different scan tools used,all showed no codes stored,all circuits show to be operating,tps map rpm oxygensens,and in parameters,wouldnt egr buildup cause problems all the time?had a ford p/up doing same,found ground strap near battery loose,guess for computer.this prob seems electrical as it does it very sudden,but not all the time.sometimes just fine for a week or so.a new battery cable end was put on a few years ago.

Hi Randy,
Sure, if you loose the grounding of the battery strap, or there is a loose cable clamp on the battery, that will cause both a die off of the engine and in fact all electrical systems/warning lights/fault code (except there should be a code 1684 for battery disconnected from pcm stored).
So see if the entire electrical system drops out when this happens and if so, then check all the battery connections and the ground strap(s) on the - post clamp wire (look at the strut tower for one of those). My suggestion was for the case where just the engine dies but all electrical functions continue normally. The egr crud build-up at an early stage can be intermittent (sometimes it happens/sometimes not) depending upon the temp of egr valve, amount of crud, etc.
That is my only set of suggestions when you have no codes.
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