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Dodge Repair/starting problem?


QUESTION: Please help. When I stopped for gas, the nozzle shot out of the vehicle spilling gas after filling 8 gallons (I was expecting to take close to 10 gallons). Then the engine would not start despite trying everything I could think of. It kept making a clicking sound and the attendant said it sounded like the engine was not getting any fuel. I had the attendant add more gas and it started right up. I have never had any problems starting it before. Does this sound like I may have a starting problem. Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Gwen,
Without having been there to hear the sound myself I am not clear about why the engine would not start. But you said "it kept making a clicking sound". Can you describe that sound? Was it a single click, once with each try of the starter when you turned the key? or was it a continual clicking sound that lasted so long as you held the key in the 'start' position. Was the click loud, and did it sound like it came from the area of the engine, or was it soft such that you mainly heard in the cabin but otherwise was not really noticeable a few feet away? Which model and year of Chrysler vehicle is this?
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QUESTION: The noise was continuous while I held the key. I am not sure if the noise was more of a starting whirr sound and I appoligize that the truck is a 2007 Chevy Colorado 4 cyl. I hope this helps. Gwen

Hi Gwen,
Continuous clicking as you describe is most typically typical of a battery which is wearing down or undercharged due to a failing alternator (charging system problem). It occurs because the voltage reaching the switch that operates the starter is not getting a sufficient voltage to keep the switch closed, so it opens, which causes the voltage that is applied to it to rise slightly, so then it clicks closed again but the current drawn by the starter drops the voltage which then cause the switch to open, etc., etc. and thus this clicking you observed. So check the age of the battery (shown by the stickers on the battery) with the warranty life of the battery. If you are near the end of the warranty then I new battery is probably what you need. If the battery is newer, then notice the voltage that the system is operating at when the engine is running, it should be around 14 volts, if less than that, then there may be an issue with the alternator or the circuit wire that controls that.
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