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I have a 2005 dodge stratus 4 door 2.4 16v engine. The head lights stopped working one night. The plug going into the multi function switch melted. I got a new plug and new multi function switch.When the head lights are on and I pull the switch for the high beams the low beams go out and the high beams are also out. I checked all the fuse and they are good.Everything else works. Thank you for any help. randy

Hi Randy,
Of course the low beams go out when you select the high beams, so that is normal. The issue is why no high beams come on.
Based upon the history, I would suspect that there was a short circuit either in the multi-function switch or in the high beam wiring between that switch and the headlamps. Basically, when you select the high beam position, 12v is connected to pin 3 of the multi-function's  blue plug, where the outgoing wire on that plug is red/orange. So verify whether that is the case.
The other end of that wire is connected to back side of the fuse box that is mounted at the left end of the dash, so you need to go under the dash and look up to that rear and there are 9 plugs. The wire is found on pin 3 of the 6-pin white colored plug located along the top edge of that fuse box. (There are 2 white plugs, so be sure you find the 6 pin white plug.
From there the 12v should be connected to fuses 2 and 3 of that box, so you could start by checking whether or not you get 12v on fuses 2 and 3 when you select high beams. If so, and the fuses are good and the separate wires that go to each headlamp are patent you would get high beams. If you don't get 12v on the fuses, then either the red/orange wire is "open" between the multi-function and the fuse box, or there is an internal disconnect in the fuse box proper between the incoming #3 pin socket and the fuse sockets.
Based upon the overheating of the plug I suspect that the red/orange wire may have been shorted to ground which then overheated the plug/multifunction. But that is my guess.
You can run a new wire from the multifunction plug to the fuse box white 6-pin plug if that wire is indeed 'open'.
So let me know what you find.
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