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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Dodge intrepid that I recently had repaired, or at least paid to have repaired... It had/has an oil leak and the person fixing it replaced the gaskets for the top of the motor afterwards it had trouble starting for the first few hours,  starts fine now,  but I no longer have cruise control, and when I accelerate too quickly (like if I try to get out in traffic) it won't shift,  instead jerking like i was doing a bad stick shift change,  and never switches gears unless I ease up on the accelerator I don't have a clue on wtf they did to my car,  since they obviously didn't fix the leak and added more problems.... What could possibly be the problem?  I have a 15 hr move in 2 weeks n need to fix the issue first....

ANSWER: Hi Jamie,
Check fuse #1 in the fuse box behind the left end-cap of the dash. It powers the cruise control as well as some aspects of the transmission. Let me know if that doesn't fix things.
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QUESTION: All the fuses are good...

ANSWER: Hi Jamie,
You can try turning the ignition key: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see the mileage reading be replace by any 4-digit numbers preceded by a P. Let me know what you find and these are fault codes that may tell us something to look for. These are fault codes about the engine...the transmission fault codes are obtained using a plug-in code reader. A nation-wide autoparts store such as Autozone will often do that code readout for free, and independent shop may charge about $40 to do it.  
On the cruise control, since fuse #1 is alright, there is a servo unit with a vacuum line attached to it which comes from a hose very near to the power brake booster. Take a look for any vacuum line that might have not been replaced properly. The servo is hidden under the area in the front left side of the engine compartment, and may thus requires some additional removal to see it. So look at the vacuum hoses attached to the power brake canister and follow those to their far ends. You may need to return to the shop that did the service to have them look for what they didn't finish properly.
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QUESTION: It gave me 3 sets,  0016 0456 0158 and then it said done... Thank you so much for the help

Hi Jamie,
The 0016 reports that the camshaft rotational position sensor and the crankshaft rotational position sensors are not synchronized properly. It could be a wiring problem for either sensor, or a weak signal output from either of them but it would require a person with an oscilloscope to detect which sensor is showing the problem. Another possibility would be that the timing belt has slipped a tooth which could cause such an error code.
It would not explain the issue with the transmission so you would want to get a readout using a plug-in code reader to see if there are fault codes for it.
The 0456 says there is an electrical problem with the oxygen sensor on the left hand side of the engine and is located further downstream from the catalytic converter. Most likely one of the fragile wires has broken or been short circuited so replacing that sensor may be the first thing to try.
The 0456 says that there is a small leak in gasoline vapor capture/recycle system. It could happen if the gas cap were not on tightly, otherwise look for a loose hose clamp or cracked hose in that system located around the fuel tank and which has hoses that go to the vapor recovery canister in the right front corner of the engine compartment and from there to the intake manifold.
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