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Dodge Repair/abs and brake light: rear wheel abs unit codes 63 and 65


QUESTION: hi i have a 2001 dodge durango 4.7 w/t rear abs. problem is while holding brk pedal it will slowly sink to floor and abs an brake lights will come on i replaced the master cyl. and 1 rear leaking wheel cyl. and bled the brakes and the problem still exists. thinking i got a bad master cyl. i took it off and got another new master cyl. and bled the brakes again and it still the same problem no change in symptoms. i checked the brk booster for leaks and found to be holding vacuum and replaced the rear abs sensor and no change so now i'm at a dead end can you help? thank you..............Anthony

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,
If you are not loosing brake fluid any longer, then the best way to start on solving this problem is to take advantage of the self-diagnostic capability of the abs system. There is a data link connector under the dash by the steering column where a diagnostic readout box is plugged in to gain access to stored fault codes with many of the systems of the vehicle. You would seek a code readout of the abs controller at a shop which has such a reader. Ask for the fault code numbers and names which they find to be present. This might cost you around $40 but it would be the beat way to narrow down the range of possible causes.
Let me know the fault codes and I can then look those up in the '04 manual that I have for the Durango and let you know what that tells us.
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QUESTION: thanks for your response i did take it to a shop down the street and they said it had codes 65 an 63 they cleared the codes and recalibrated the abs and said it was a bad master at which time i replaced the master cyl. a second time with another new one and still have the same problem and the same code what i don't understand is why the abs causes the pedal to sink to the floor but i might add that when first coming to a stop the pedal is normal and while sitting waiting the pedal will sink and abs an brk lites will come on. abs code 63 / internal main relay open.
code 65 / rear reset switch closed.          thanks anthony

ANSWER: Hi Anthony,
I found the manual for your rear wheel anti-lock brake system in a '04 Dakota manual that I have on CD. (The '04 Durango manual doesn't show that system to be available).
The codes point toward there either being an issue with a fuse, power supply circuit, or ground issue for the ABS controller or with the controller itself needing to be replaced. So I would begin with the first set of issues. I do have the '04 Durango wiring diagrams on CD and can copy the abs pages there along with the pages from the abs manual the describe codes 63 and 65 and what to do. The fuses for the "all-wheel abs" system in the '04 are 14 and 21 in the main power box and 26 in the cabin fuse box. I of course can't be sure of that for your '01 rear abs system.
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QUESTION: Hi Roland I did check all fuses and relays and found all to be good, so now I'm at a dead end while I have always done all my own repairs some of the new stuff I'm afraid might be beyond my expertise and for the first time in my life I may be taking my car to the dealer where I'm sure to get violated. Thanks again Anthony

Hi Anthony,
Before giving up I would suggest that you verify the voltage supply and ground wires at the controller for the anti-lock brake unit's plug that has 14 pins. With the key in the "run" position you should have 12v on pins 4,7,14 of the plug, and pins 6 and 13 should show to be shorted to ground.
Those are the manual listings for one of those codes. The other code suggests only that you replace the hydraulic control unit as the solution, but that code could be the result from a problem with the pins that I listed above. Good luck!
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