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Dodge Repair/intermittent shut down problem


1999 Dodge Caravan 3.3L 4spd

I am asking a new question as number of follow-ups on the previous question has reached maximum. The problem is same as momentarily and intermittent shut down of engine, which starts perfectly again without any delay or other problems.

Today, I cleaned the contacts on ECM/PCM. While doing this I looked carefully and found that three wires to one of the connector were bruised and bare at a couple of locations. I taped them.

I want to ask you about function of this connector and the sensor attached to it, and if it may be related to the intermittent engine shut down.

The connector in question is located on the passenger side of the motor. It has three wires, which are enclosed in a sheath/tube with wires of another two-pin connector and this sheath/tube follows from driver side of motor to the passenger side just behind the pcv valve tube and under air intake plenum. The two-pin connector attaches to a sensor on top of motor (next to the upper radiator hose connection and just under the electronic distributor) and I am sure it is the coolant temperature sensor. The three-pin connector is connected to a sensor on the motor too, towards the side, next to the serpentine belt. If you understand this explanation, could you please let me know what sensor is this and if bare wires can cause a motor shut down?


Hi Shafique,
It would be easier for me to determine what the sensors are if you can tell me the colors of the wires. I don't have an engine to look at, but I do have the wiring diagrams which I am certain will reveal the answers if you can tell me those colors.
It is not clear to me where the three wire sensor is located but if it is near the serpentine belt, and is on the front of the engine (by which I mean where the belts and pulleys are located) then the candidate for that would be the camshaft position sensor. If so, it would have an orange/tan-yellow, and black-light blue set of wires. It any of those wires were touching together or to a metal surface that would cause of a loss of that sensor information which would prevent the fuel injector and spark plug pulsations from happening and shut off the engine operation.

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