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Dodge Repair/'01 Ram 1500 transmission: Code 1757


QUESTION: I am having shifting problems with my 2001 ram 1500, it has the 518 transmission and was rebuilt 2 yrs ago, first it wouldn't start so I removed the transmission pan and found that the second band had loosened and hit the front of the planetarium this caused some shaving to fall onto the top of the valve body and kept the shifter from centering on the park censor, I cleaned up the valve body with brake cleaner but I did not take it apart and installed a new filter and fluid. This fixed the starting problem however it now shifts from 1st to 2nd and than to 3rd at about 45 mph it tries to shift into 4th but the motor revs and will not shift it also shifts into reverse but will only roll backwards with almost no pull. I am sure that something else has happened when the band got into the planetarium but I am lost as to what. When I re-positioned the band I adjusted it by feeling the play and not by turning it out 2 turns, it has about 1/2 inch play at the servo the fluid level is ok. Thanks in advance for your help, William

P.S. The shifting problem in 4th started just before I tuned off the truck than it wouldn't restart.

ANSWER: Hi William,
I don't see a 518 automatic transmission listed in the '01 service manual. There are 4 possible listed, and if you will look on the top line (of four such lines on the body code plate) you will find three letters in positions 13,14,15 that will tell us which one it is.
It would also be helpful to see whether the malfunction has been recognized by the transmission control module and logged as a fault with a code number. It might be available via the ignition key: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see if the mileage reading is replaced by a 4-digit number preceded by a P. Let me know if you get that number.
You seem quite knowledgeable about the construction of the transmission so if we can ID it and get a fault code number it may be possible for you to further repair it.

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QUESTION: I have 3 codes 1- P0138, 2- P1757 and the 3rd P 0455 I am unable to locate the body code plate that has 4 that has 4 lines of letters or numbers. I do have the VIN # if that will help. Thanks again

ANSWER: Hi William,
If the code plate is not on the radiator closure panel then it is on the floor pan under the passenger seat.
The 0138 says that the front heated oxygen sensor at the catalytic converter is showing a too high voltage which probably is due to a short between the voltage operating wire and the sensor wire proper. Those wires are very fragile so unplug the sensor and see if the wires are touching/damaged.
The 0455 says there has been noticed a large leak in the evaporation gas recovery system so you would want to look for a disconnected pipe or something similar.
The 1757 is the transmission code for there being an incorrect "governor pressure showing more that 3 psi when a request was for it to be 0 psi". I looked a the pages about the governor for one of the possible transmissions and it appears that this governor part is accessible by removing the trans oil pan. I will look further for more info about that code and what are the possible causes of that. I can at least copy the pages that discuss and show the governor from the CD I have for the '01, and possibly also find a trouble shoot for the 1757 code proper, and attach those to an email I would send directly to you. Let me know your email address (using the Private option) and don't use @ but instead use "at".
See if you can find out the 3-letter code from the top line of the body plate so I can get the pages from the specific transmission.

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QUESTION: still looking for the body code plate, Thank you

Hi William,
It should be under the passenger seat on the floor pan if it isn't in the engine compartment on the radiator surround panel.
In any case, I did find a detailed discussion of the code 1757 in the '08 manual for one of the transmissions in that year which was not listed in the '01 manual as being available. I suspect nonetheless it will apply to your trans. But I'll wait till tomorrow so that if you find the trans number (by the way it might be on plate on the trans itself also) I can better check out that it is like the one shown in the '08 and then copy those pages which would be very helpful to you.
Thanks for the rating and nomination which you are welcome to do again if you choose.

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