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Dodge Repair/Electrical issue at door: '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited


QUESTION: The driver's door speaker(speaker is fine, tested it on the passenger's side) stopped working and the driver's door power door lock will not lock but only unlock. I used a tester and found that on the speaker, the green wire was not live, but the red/grey one was and on the door lock, two of the three connections were live. How do I fix this problem? Also, I have an Infinity Gold CD sound system that seems to work intermittantly as does the digital message center. Could the radio be causing all these electrical gremlins?

ANSWER: Hi Cheryl,
I don't have a manual for Jeeps except in the 2005 model year. When you have problems in the door the most common cause is that one or several of the wires have broken due to repeated flexing when you open and close the door. The breaks are likely in the harness at the area between the door frame and the door itself and there is usually a disconnection plug/socket on one side of the other. Once you have opened that up you may find it possible to then check the harness of wires, one at a time, for continuity using a fine pin to penetrate the insulation of each wire and then touch the other end of the wire at the disconnect plug to test with a continuity meter for an 'open' situation. For each "open" you can try piercing through the insulation closer and closer to the disconnect point until you get continuity and at that point you will have found the break in the wire. You can then open up the insulation and reconnect the two ends of the break and solder them after first putting an insulation 'sleeve' over one side which you then slide over the solder joint for the purpose of electrical insulation.
That is how I would recommend that you resolve this situation and then see if you have restored the function of the items that don't work.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So this could be why the radio, the digital message center, the cluster, and turn signals are acting funky? Or is there another issue I should be checking?

P.S. Thanks for the tip on lubricating my ignition switch on my 89 LeBaron Vert. It fixed the constant chiming problem! :)

Hi Cheryl,
As I mentioned, I don't have the manuals for jeeps in the '90's so I can't answer why the radio, message center, the cluster or the turn signals are "funky". Without wiring diagrams it is difficult know what might be affecting all those systems. If they seem to all go "out" at the same time then there is possibly a common fuse or a common ground point that they share and which is loose/intermittent but without the wiring diagrams it is not possible to give you any specific help. The door related problems are likely to be inter-related as I described.
The fuses # 10 and 21 in the '05 are involved with several of the probem areas but whether that was the case in '95 I can't say. Look at the fuses and see if any of them might have a subtle crack in their internal wires which would cause intermittent failure. If several systems fail simultaneously then that suggests a common fuse as the cause.

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