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I have 2000 Dodge Neon. When I activate my turn signal to the left, it flashes also right front and side signals dimly. Front right seems to burn only the lower (longer one) filament a bit dimmer than left side.  Rear signals are not affected by this problem. When turning right, everything is working perfect. Multi-function switch and flasher has been ruled out by changing it with another Neon with working turn signals. I checked both groundings carefully from the beam between the headlight assy's. Removing keyless entry modules does not affect the problem (I have the usual receiver and some weird "serpi star gr 12" central locking controller. wiring looks like it is not original). Both front and both side the bulbs have been tested by changing them to brand new one. Wiring in the engine department looks all right by examining only the ones easy to exam. Problem affects the instrument cluster illustrator's to behave same way the signals do.

My plan is to start using my tester to find out if one of the wires have currency going somewhere where it is not supposed to. This seems like too much I can handle, having in mind I only understand basics of automotive electronics. If you have any ideas with this one, I would appreciate it so much! When it is dark outside it is really, really hard to separate this faulty from the hazard lights from the front of the vehicle.

ANSWER: Hi Jaakko,
I just found your question in the pool to which Kevin and referred it.
From what you have described as your efforts so far I would suggest that you try unplugging both plugs of the instrument cluster and then testing whether the problem remains or disappears. I have the '97 and '01 manuals which are different, in that the earlier one shows the cluster to have 2 plugs, while the latter has one plug. On the '97 the lights should still work when the plugs are pulled, while on the '01 the lights will not work. Which do you have? By chance do you have a Canadian model with daytime running lamps?
There could be a short circuit in that portion of the circuit.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is in fact an export model, but EU so no drl system, but the system is identical with US model. I think 00-01 models are the same. Pulling bulbs out of the instrument cluster does not affect problem, ant removing whole cluster makes only side signals work same way they did before and front signals remains dark. I couldn't find any visual signs of wear or corrosion from the cluster or connector/wiring.

ANSWER: Hi Jaakko,
Now that you mention it is an export model I should suggest that in terms of the "model year" it may actually be a 1999 model as far as the wiring is concerned. What is the number in the 10th position of the vehicle identification number?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I'm pretty sure it is 2000 model. The full VIN is 1C3ESA6C3YD587701 so the tenth digit woult be Y. Here it was sold as chrysler neon actually.

I do not have fog lamps but the switch for that is part of "main" light switch. Hazard switch is on the same part, but in the middle section of it. My brother has exactly the same car, only -05 model with fog lamps.

Hi Jaakko,
You do have the '00 model and the fact that the turns don't work when you unplug the cluster suggests that the wiring is the same as for the '01 model that I have the manual for. The '04 manual shows the instrument cluster plug and wiring of the turn signals to be the same as for the 01 so I would believe that your brother's '05 cluster will be identical to your cluster. I would suggest that you try exchanging clusters to see whether the problem is the same or 'fixed'. The left and right turn signal wires go from the switch to the cluster and there the 'illustrator' bulbs are both connected to a panel light 'driver'. That driver may be faulty and causing the cross-over effect that is the problem.
Otherwise you can check the wiring from the cluster output to the bulb filaments. The left side wire is on pin 16 and the right side is on pin 17 of the cluster plug and so should show identical resistances on the two sides.

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