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Dodge Repair/'98 Durango alarm system?


QUESTION: Need to know if I can reset or by bass or disarm alarm pretty sure I done something an it won't let car start horn and wipers are staying on and car won't start plus my remote won't lock or unlock doors anymore so just need to know where and what to check what is easiest way to disarm alarm

ANSWER: What is the model year? The wiper is usually not involved with the security system so was that separate occurrence? Did this problem begin at once, or what is the history?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok I got a 98 Durango tried to jump it off with a drop cord think I triggered the alarm system now the wipers stay and horn blows now car won't start door locks don't work on remote key entry and door locks won't work nowhere or nothing what do I need to check

We have two question/answer threads going on here. This is the question you sent me earlier and my response to it:

"It is a 98 Dodge Durango and we had to jump it off and and now when u get power to car the horn beeps and wipers come on car won't crank is there anyway to just disarm alarm so I can see if that's why it won't start and if that's why horn is blowing it's not a beep beep noise it's just a constant beeeeeeeeredep so I unplugged both horns but still won't start car ran fine before we had to jump it off

Hi Tracy,
Because the history began with a jump start, I believe that your battery is too discharged to crank over the engine. The things that are misbehaving (horn. wipers) don't require much of a charge to work, so you will want to get the battery charged up or if it is near the end of its warranty life then replace it. By the way, the alarm system doesn't prevent the engine from cranking over, rather it allows the engine to start but then cuts it out after a couple of seconds of operation...
So this problem probably is not related to the alarm system at all!
First get the battery charged/replaced so the engine will crank.
Roland "

Again, do you mean that the starter motor will not crank the engine, OR that it does crank the engine but it won't start? Those are two separate issues that I need to know?
And what do you mean you tried to start it with a "Jump Cord"?
Was that a set of 12v jumper wires from another vehicle?
And what happened when you tried that? Did the engine crank? Did it start? or?  
Did the wiper/horn/remote problem begin right after you tried that jump?
If you tried to jump start it with something other than another vehicle/battery then anything might have happened to your electrical system. So please be clear as to that point, and are you still using the old battery which would not crank the engine?
Once again, the alarm system allow the engine to crank and run and then after 2 seconds it turns the engine off. If that is not happening then the problem is NOT the alarm system.
Please try again.


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