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Dodge Repair/'11 Ram- No instrument cluster gauges/wipers 'on'


At first start cold temps the instrument cluster stays OFF, No gauges or speedo. The wipers stay on - must pull fuse. Changed a  new turn signal switch and cleared codes for no bus to instrument panel ,10 minutes of run time it chimes and powers up ok??? We took out instrument panel and wiggled all wires no good ??? TIPM wiggled all harnesses same problem ??? You did a similar post with a 2012,Just wondering What Fixed It. Thanks Adam

Hi Adam Terry,
I am a bit unclear about some of the details. When you say you changed the turn signal switch, which I presume also has the wiper switch...did that improve the wiper situation or is it still "on", and does it ever stop on its own accord? If so, then I would suspect that either the relay for the wipers is stuck "ON" (so try substituting a different relay for it) or the circuitry in the wiper motor itself is the cause. Specifically that the 'self parking' feature which comes into play when you turn off the wipers and the 'park' is not cutting off the power when the blades move to the park position but rather keep on powering the motor.
How did you "clear codes for no bus to instrument panel". What was that code number, and is it no longer present?
But still no gauges and speedo for 10 minutes as in the past, correct?
Wiggling the wires might reveal, but better would be to check for continuity of the cluster socket pins' attachment to the cluster circuit board...there could be a 'cold' solder joint causing this.
My first suggestion would be to get a fault code readout using a plug-in code reader as if there is one it would possibly give us a pathway to resolving this.
I am thinking that it could either be a problem with the cluster itself or with the wire that brings the digital information to it to operate the gauges/speedo. I would first do a self-test of the cluster when there are no gauges/speedo and see if that "passes" the test or not, and do this test both when there are no gauges and then again when the gauges are functioning properly.
To do that have the ignition key in the 'off' position. Then press and hold the odometer/trip odometer switch button, and then turn the key to the 'run' position. Then release the switch button and observer the cluster to go through self-tests looking particularly at the speedometer and gauges to see whether they each go through a series of preset positioning or not and compare this to when the speedo/gauges are working properly.
I have the 2010 Mitchell manual for the Ram, and the cluster is indeed highly sophisticated (similar to a body control module) and likely has detailed self-diagnostic capability.
The cluster has three multi-pin plugs: #1 is 10 pin, and #2 and 3 are 20 pin, arranged in that order. The #3/20-pin plug brings in the digital information to power the gauges and you can check the continuity of the circuit between the socket pins and the circuit board. Check the connections for pins # 1,2,and 11 between the socket and the circuit board to which they are attached. You might use a soldering pencil to reheat the joints.


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