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Dodge Repair/Wiper problems: '06 Ram


QUESTION: Hello Roland, you had been a great help to me with the 2000 Chrysler 300m I had and was hoping for the same with my 2006 Ram 2500.  I keep burning up wiper motors.  Been through 5 while trying different repairs.  I have replaced the multi-function switch, the gauge cluster and obviously wiper motors.  The problem started with the wipers not working correctly in delay mode.  Sometimes took a while to shut off.  The  finally they only worked when on fast but they moved very slowly.  With every different repair attempt the wipers would work on hi and move ver slowly vor a very short time then quit again.  Please Help...
Marc W. Raychard

ANSWER: Hi Marc,
My thoughts are that there may be some sort of mechanical binding/friction in the wiper arm  mechanical connection to the wiper motor. Have you tried to move the wiper arms by hand when the mechanism is disconnected from the wiper motor?
Another possibility is electrical and the best way to check for that would be by means of a diagnostic readout box. The front control module of the integrated power module is the location of most of the circuit that controls the wiper motor. I don't believe that a simple code reader will get the information but rather a diagnostic readout box at the dealer or a well-equipped independent shop may have such a diagnostic tool. If you get a specific code or name for a fault code let me know as I do have the '06 manual to reference to.

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QUESTION: Good morning Roland where exactly are those modules?

ANSWER: Hi Marc,
The "module" is really a portion of the main integrated power module on the left side of the engine compartment and is called the 'front control module'. The diagnostic trouble codes are only four having to do with the three wiper relay circuits and the control switch input circuit. So if you can narrow down the problem to which it is I can then share the information about how to check out that specific circuit. A shop with a professional level code reader should be able to get the code. It does look like a simple overall circuit (so I hope it isn't a component inside the fcm itself that can't be replaced)which is why I wonder: Did you check for mechanical binding? I don't believe the motors would be damaged without some unusual effort being required, although possibly the voltage output to them might be too low.

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QUESTION: Good afternoon Roland, Yes I checked for a mechanical binding.The last wiper motor I got came with an entire wiper setup, which I installed.  After doing some research, I was wondering if it would be easier to get the power module and try replacing that rather than a specific circuit?  Thanks for your time

Hi Marc,
The integrated power module is the main electronic box in the engine compartment and is no doubt costly. So again then I would try to get a fault code readout before going that route.
The codes are 4-digit and are prefixed with a B. So see what you can get.

Revised Answer based upon the fault code readout:

I checked those codes and find that the most general one is B2215 and it clearly states that if this is a currently active code that the front control module (part of the totally integrated power module) is faulty and the only fix is to replace that front control module. The other codes are about various wrong voltage readings related to detailed parts of the wiper system, but I would imagine that those are a reflection of the fcm being faulty internally.

I can give you the details about them, but I doubt you will be successful by trying to address each of the codes individually. So let me know what you think, but please do it as a follow-up question at AllExperts rather than to continue this via emails.



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