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QUESTION: im gitting three codes, P0731- which says gear 1 incorrect ratio. P0841- Trans fluid pressure sensor switch A circuit range/perf. and P0876- Trans fluid pressure sensor switch D circuit Range/perf.   I was told that these could be caused by a dirty filter. I did the three start ups and now it isnt responding to any gear selection. is this limp mode? and could this be caused by a dirty internal spin on filter? ive already replaced the pan filter with no luck.

ANSWER: Hi Scott,
What is the year model of the vehicle, and is this at typical 4-speed transmission?
Limp mode usually means it will go in reverse or in 2nd gear but no other gears. Are you sure the fluid level is proper?

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QUESTION: the vehicle is a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4.7L 4speed auto. i changed the fluid and pan filter to see if it would resolve the problem. at first it would only go into reverse and second but would keep disengaging and engaging itself unless you stayed steady on the throttle. now it wont go into any gear at all. mt trans guy said it was a dirty filter, thats why i ask about the spin on filter. i would have installed a new one but couldnt find one readily avalable. so only a new pan filter and new fluids got installed. but the codes the obdII gave says pressure switch A and D circuit. put im positive the fluid level is perfect

ANSWER: Hi Scott,
There are 4 different transmission used in the vehicle. Just to identify which, look at the body code plate which has 4 lines of information on it. On the top line in the 13, 14, and 15 position you will see a DG and then either a T, 4, P, or 8. So look there and tell me which one you have. There are separate sections of the manual for each of those transmission so there is no point in my trying to guess.

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QUESTION: the code is DG4

Hi Scott,
That means you have the 45 transmission. First do the preliminary testing:
Verify that the gear shift cable is connected between the shift lever in the cabin and the vertical shift rod on the transmission. Move the lever while a helper observes the rod.
Then lift the rear wheels off the ground and start the engine and put it in gear and observe whether the propeller shaft rotates, and then whether the wheels turn or not.
If they do, and there is no unusual noise, then I can send you the possible cause list for each of the fault codes. Tell me your email address but don't use the @ symbol, instead use "at" or the address will be automatically erased.
There are about a dozen possible reasons for each of the three codes that you told me but at least you will have some ideas to work with. There are then several dozen pages of detailed tests for each of the codes that is too much for me to copy.
But lets see if your preliminary testing shows anything unusual.

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