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QUESTION: i just bought a 2000 dodge durango and i noticed that when i lock the door from the driver side they all lock but when i unlock them from the driver side the passenger side doors seem to not unlock and sometimes they look like they unlocked halfway. when i lock and unlock doors from passenger controls all the doors work fine. what would cause this?

ANSWER: Hi Joshua,
I would first check that is has to do with needing to lubricate the door lock mechanism on the passenger side. Other than that, the electrical circuitry that activates the door locks may be "open" on the driver side control switch, or possibly flakey. You could try spraying the interior of that control switch with electrical contact cleaner via a hole or opening in the switch body.

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QUESTION: what do you mean by electrical circuitry. im new to mechanics but ive done alot of work but havent really worked with the electrical part of a car yet. also do you think changing our the driver side control switch would work?

Hi Joshua,
The wiring to all the door lock actuators is centered in the instrument cluster which acts as a "body control module". So if the passenger side will actuate properly from the passenger door switch then that suggests the actuator is probably alright but that the "request" from the driver side switch is not being received at the cluster module. So I would first try improving the electrical contacts inside that switch which you can do by accessing the switch so that the body could be checked for the presence of a hole/crack which would give you an access point into which to spray some electrical contact cleaner via a straw applicator that comes with such a spray can.
After that it would be use of an ohmmeter or continuity tester to verify whether the wire from the switch is indeed connected to the cluster module.
I think it would be easy to gently pry up on the edge of the switch to gain access to its back side and then spray the cleaner inside the switch. You might solve this without having to replace the switch and not really know that would solve this problem.
PS Thanks for the rating and nomination.

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