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Good evening Roland,
I took the front of the dash and the bottom off today. I got the switch out and the radio. I can see the 16 pin connector but it is mounted back close to the fire wall where I  cant get to it. I am I put my meter I the hot wire and the ground wire going to the motor, it shows 12 volt. I have 1 wire going to the resistor connector with 12 volts. But When I plug the resistor in I show not voltage at all on any wire but I do have voltage going to my the connector for the switch on three and one ground. I tested each wire from the ground wire and I how voltage to each wire. I then took my meter and put it on the ground and grounded the other lead to the car body. it showed continuity. I also took a wire and put it on the ground wire and touched each of the hot wires to see if the motor would come on but nothing.

Hi Tim,
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Blower motor no go: '02 Dakota

My blower motor will not work in any position. I replaced the resistor and it still did not work. I tested the blower motor and it worked fine. I checked the voltage to the blower and it has 12 volts. I am lost now. I hope it isn't the control switch.

Hi Tim,
From the motor to the resistor block there is a harness with 5 wires, the dark blue/yellow carries the 12v from the motor to pin 2 of the plug, and then it splits between three resistors and a straight through and comes out on pins  5,4,3,1 which go to the control panel. So check that you see voltage on all those pins when you have the ignition switch in the run position. The wires then go from the resistor block to the HVAC control panel, but do go through a natural color 16-pin connector that is located behind the glove box, so you could check to be sure it is not disconnected there. At the control panel the blower speed control switch selects one of the 4 wires from the resistor block to ground the current that then causes the blower motor to power up. So see if you can find the reason why the current coming from the blower motor is not getting to that ground point at the control switch.
If the wiring is patent, you should see 12v at pin 2,3,7, and 10 of the black 10-pin plug at the control panel. And if the control panel lights illuminate then the control switch is indeed grounded, which is so would point to the control switch itself being "open".
Let me know what you learn. (The above is based upon the '04 manual which is the closest I have to your '02).

I am not certain that we are communicating with each other about "voltage readings" and "grounds". So let us try a different approach.
Make sure the resistor block is plugged in.
Then take a wire and and attach one end of it to a chassis ground (any shiny metal structural surface near the dash, ideally use an existing screw to secure the end of the wire). Then touch the other end of the wire to pin 2 of resistor block plug and the blower motor should go "on". Then try the same thing to pins 1, 3, 4, and 5 of the resistor block plug. The blower motor should again come on, and as you advance to the successive pins that I listed the blower should go 'on' but at a lower and lower speed.
Assuming that happens, then go to the 10 pin plug at the control panel:
Try touching the other end of that same grounded wire to pins 10, 3, 7 and 2. Again the blower should come on and decrease speed at each successive pin.
Let me know if that happens.
Finally, touch the the other end of the same grounded wire to a shiny metal surface of the control panel itself and try using the control switch to turn on the blower. See if that works on all the speeds. If it doesn't, then for some mechanical connection reason the control switch is loose where it attaches to the board, and needs to be tightened, and if that doesn't correct the situation, the control switch is 'open' (broken interally} and needs to be replaced.

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