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Dodge Repair/1999 Dodge Grand Caravan intermittent alarm/door ajar


bob wrote at 2006-10-23 15:23:23
I am no expert but I just had the same problem on my 99 Grand Caravan.  On one of my sliding doors a bumper pad came off and the sensor wasn't getting pushed in enough when the door would be closed.  I put a $1 plug from the parts store in the hole and built it up a little with some tape.  This made the "disco" effect go away!

jayches wrote at 2007-10-23 16:14:58
On my 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan, I had the same problem intermittantly, and the incessant ding and dome light off/on at night was driving us crazy. The sliding door electrical connectors can be readily accessed (without removing door parts) with the sliding doors open, seen on the lower inside of the door.  Disconnect each connector to see which door sensor is causing the problem (you'll also lose automatic door locks).  To separate the connectors, slide the blue locking tab and push the flat blade on the side of the connector block.  The individual pins can also be removed to isolate the door ajar from the lock mechanism.  On mine, it was pin 3 as labeled on the connector (pin 1,2 are door lock/unlock, pin 4 is chassis ground).  To remove individual pins, temporarily remove the front and rear rubber gaskets, and pull the pin locking tabs while gently pulling on the pin.  Secure the pin to the harness with electrical tape, and reassemble the connector.  I'm guessing that the root cause is either the harness inside the door or the sensor, either of which requires removing the door panels, which is tricky business if you want them to fit correctly when you're done ;-)

ron wrote at 2008-01-10 23:51:10
the front door switches are adjustable the very center pulls out then close the door to adjust the switch

Gary wrote at 2010-07-09 01:41:05
We had same problem with an identical vehicle the problem was the passenger door switch button believe the part number is 60385000

Jim wrote at 2013-04-30 21:28:28
I just fixed the problem after my  son may a suggestion of looking at the terminal on the door and the doorjam.  We had a lot of rain recently and the plate on the door jam was slightly corroded with black gook.  Cleaned that off and the door ajar problem went away.

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