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Dodge Repair/98 Dodge Stratus transmission problem


josh wrote at 2007-06-08 23:15:43
on my stratus it would enter limp home mode because the tcm relay was not always connected.  once I replaced the relay the car worked fine.

rrr wrote at 2007-10-19 01:20:14
After having this problem and replacing the solenoid pack,input and output speed sensors. These were the codes that kept popping up even after I replaced these parts. I read on a blog that someone had a problem with there Air Conditioner.  I REMOVED THE RELAY AND HAVEN'T HAD IT GO IN LIMP MODE SINCE. My AC wasn't working anyway (freon leak).

sue wrote at 2007-12-05 04:39:53
I would like to add my experience with my 95' Stratus ES with 67,000 miles on it and it kept going in to limp mode.

I bought this vehicle used and at first it ran just fine. Then the dreaded limp mode problems.

I contacted a friend of mine who was in the AC Delco mechanic of the millennium in 06' and he suggested that I replace the following which I did:

The speed sensor, input and output sensor and tcm relay.

While troubleshooting the problem I realized that my fans where not coming on and realized that both fan relays also needed replaced.

Now mind you the TCM relay and fan relays are in one box located in the center of the engine compartment sort of underneath the air filter duct so they can be hard to locate if you don't have a book (You will put two and two together later when I tell you the solution which finally came about)

Unrelated I think I also replaced the water pump, thermostat, timing belt (because car was leaking coolant) and although each time I replaced components it seemed to be "better" it would later go into limp mode again.

I took my car to Chrysler and asked them to do a diagnostic scan which was a ordeal in itself and I wouldn't suggest it unless you absolutely have to go to a dealer for something like getting a computer flashed.

They gave me codes that the Transmission control module (this is for the transmission not the MAIN computer) and the transmission solenoid (either one or both needed to be replaced. They also hinted that I needed a new transmission (remember my car only has 67K on it)!

I ordered solenoid from online (117$) and TCM from Chrysler (only way you can get it) and also found a nice transmission shop that has been in business since 66' that was more than helpful with tips and found that after I installed the TCM I had to get it flashed by Chrysler which I did.

Well, still limp mode problem. By now I am getting pretty frustrated, nice transmission shop said that if I couldn't figure it out then bring it to me which I finally decided was time since I couldn't think of what else and didn't want to put solenoid in so they scanned it and showed needed new solenoid which they put in for me and I got car. Also they explained to me the importance of getting old "codes" that were stored in the system "cleared" which they did because they said those can cause problems.

Well, car drives better than it ever has and I think problem is fixed, drive it all over, they have test driven all over and I'm very happy.

Well, guess what, next day, limp mode again.

Take it back to the Trans shop and drop it off confident they will find what has been vexing me and from what I can see, many others.

After the weekend they call me back and told me they found it. A wiring problem. I knew it.

underneath the relay pack for the windshield wipers and tcm relay the wires were barely touching. They have soldered them back on and the car runs fabulous. Who would have thought it would be that easy?

Well, it is now that you know.

I hope this helps someone

serg wrote at 2008-01-24 18:52:42
I have the same problem with my 98 grand Voyager 3. 3l and is been 3 years with the same inconvenience,,,,,as soon as the engine light is on and the transmission goes back from the fourth gear to the third gear, just make a reset.quick stop or get out of the freeway, turn engine off for a few seconds, put it on parking(If you leave it in neutral it won't work,,,, (that will clear the computer) and it goes back from the limp mode to the regular mode. Now if you want to kill the engine light disconnect the Battery and join the terminals together (NOT THE BETTERY"S) for 2 or 3 minutes ( that will reset the computer. keep in mind that your clock and memory station will have to be

95voyager wrote at 2015-05-21 02:05:27
1995 3.3L Voyager and others-

Three oxidized or fouled multipin connectors for engine and transmission control modules were the cause and cleaning them was the cure for engine not starting (engine cranking but not hearing the fuel pump come on) AND transmission limp mode, and I recommend checking these first before anything else- they are located:

1. against the firewall on passenger side (above the alternator)

2. on transmission housing- find the transmission dipstick and look straight down below

3. next to battery against the driver's side inner front fender (easy access once battery is removed)

All three use a black plastic cover with a 5/16 head bolt to draw the multipin connector to and from the mating contacts, allowing equal positioning and minimizing misalignment. I sprayed both the male and female connectors with the cleaner and just used a paperclip wrapped with a single wrap of a piece of paper towel also soaked with cleaner to clean the male contacts one at a time- then bent an end of the paperclip open and wrapped with a single wrap to clean the female contacts...clean and change the piece of paper towel with every contact you clean. DO NOT TRY TO SAND OR SCRAPE THE CONTACTS WITH ABRASIVES OR METAL, it is important to avoid damaging the plating otherwise you will likely end up with bad connectivity and possible burned / overheated contacts, there is no reason to have this happen.

I would also remove the fuse box cover, on the driver's side inner front fender, next to the windshield washer reservoir- and remove the trans fuse and relay (the positions are marked on the inner side of the fuse box lid) and clean the contacts just on the fuse and relay, I found varnish on these, maybe even swap the relay with any of the other in the box, are all the same type.

I wish I had tried all this first as I probably didn't need to have the trans replaced with a used one- the symptoms had come back about a year afterward in the same these problems have all disappeared. Hope this helps!

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