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i am not sure if you can help me. my name is Dristan Murray. i have a dog named Nolan and i am going to move into an apartment but cant bring him with me. i will only be in the apartment for 3-4 months. is there anywhere i could take him for that period of time?

Hi Dristan,
You could try to work out a good boarding rate for him at your local kennel.  We have had customers in your situation who have boarded for several months and came to visit the dogs every few days plus provided food.  Hopefully, your local kennel could work out a good rate for you, especially if you are providing food and taking him out for walks sometimes. If you are on a tight budget, you could even volunteer to help them out to help pay for his boarding.

Also, if you have a local dog rescue or shelter in your area, it is worth a try asking them if they have space for him for a reasonable rate for the few months. Our local shelter is currently caring for a dog until the owner is able to find an apartment. If you offer to volunteer some time at the shelter and provide food for him, they may do this for you at a reasonable price, providing they have some space for him.

I'm sure you've tried family or friends already and hope that one of the above options works out for you.  In any case, I hope you are still able to see Nolan often and take him out for walks or for the day when you have some time.  He will be missing you, but will adjust to a new environment, as long as he doesn't have severe separation anxiety.

I wish you and Nolan well.

Kathy Carter
Owner, Home Alone Pet Cottages, Keswick, Ontario Canada  

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