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i have a border collie who is 4 years old this June, a couple of weeks ago he went into boarding kennels for 3 days with his brother and sister, they were all kept together. but since bringing him home he has started to wee in the house, we leave the back door open day and night so he has no excuse that he cannot get outside. Please help as i dont know what to do.

thanks karen

Hello Karen,
Thank-you for your question regarding your border collie urinating in your home.

Have you ruled out a medical issue for this problem (ie. urinary infection, urinary incontinence, diabetes, etc.)?   Is he on any medication which may increase his urge to urinate (ie. the steroid, prednisone, has increased thirst and subsequent increase in urinating as a side effect).  Is he drinking normally, or excessively? You may want to call the kennel and make sure their water source is monitored to ensure it is free of bacteria.  Did the kennel feed them a different diet that may have upset his system?

If there is no apparent medical reason for this, it may be that, after being away at the boarding kennel, he may feel he has the need to mark his territory to reassure himself.  Is he your alpha (dominant) dog?  Have you brought another animal into the household since he was away, or a new baby?  Changes in the household often will bring out unwanted behavioural problems.

I would suggest that you try crate training him again, even though he is 4 years old.  He may need to be reminded that this behavior is not appropriate inside the home. Try to confine him to the crate for a few hours at a time and only let him out when you are walking him or he is going out for his pee.  Do not let him wander inside the house.  He must be in the crate at all times.  I would suggest trying this for several days and then giving him time outside his crate, supervised, to see if he continues to urinate in the house.  Make sure you clean all areas very well where he has previously urinated - especially if it was on carpeting.

I doubt that he will urinate in his crate as he will not want to soil his living area.  If he does, it may be a medical issue that requires veterinary care.

I hope this helps and you are able to get to the bottom of this problem.

K.Carter, B.Sc.,
Owner, Home Alone Pet Cottages, Ontario, Canada

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