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Thank you for answering my last question about turf as a ground for my dogs.  I ended up going with large cement tiles thinking about the ease of keeping this area clean.  My dog had some diarrhea so instead of just washing it down, I bleached some of the area & immediately washed it off.  I did this about 5 days ago. Last night he had an accident in my bedroom - diarrhea. (The last episode was from something he ate).  Now while out washing down the tiles today I wondered whether it may have been the bleach that caused the problem?  My primary question is:  What is the best product to use for cleaning dog feces from cement tiles?

Thanks so much,

Hello Brenda,

Thank-you for your question.  

As for the best product to clean dog feces, a strong disinfectant which kills E.coli would be the best and there are many brands you could find at a farm supply store.  I use Quato from Swish, which I order by the case, and it is effective against many bacteria and viruses.

However, I don't think you really need such an effective reagent, as you are only cleaning up after your own dog and not multiple dogs at a time, as is the case at our kennel.  I would think that as long as the dog waste is removed the best that you can then the area is scrubbed with some hot soapy water and rinsed off, that should be sufficient for your purposes.  As a kennel, we must, of course, be more vigilant and thoroughly disinfect the dog houses and runs before a new dog is introduced into the kennel.

With respect to bleach, I do use this on occasion if I have some stains on the run that I can't get off with the disinfectant, and rinse this off well after it has done it's job.  However, it does create nasty fumes on contact with urine, which can be quite dangerous in an enclosed area. It is toxic if ingested, but if you rinsed the area well, I doubt that this caused the second bout of diarrhea, unless your dog walked on the area when it was wet and proceeded to lick it's paws, however, I would think it would be so dilute at this point, it shouldn't have caused a problem.

I hope this information helps.  My pets also have diarrhea if they get into anything different - sometimes I can't even trace the cause.  They are labs and tend to eat almost anything, from bird seed to cobs of field corn when we are on our walks.  It tends to pass quite quickly.  I do have another post regarding a question I answered on diarrhea you may find helpful.

Kind Regards,
Kathy Carter, B.Sc.
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