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i was just checking a bill from boarding a Yorkshire terrier at the vet for about 12 yorkshire suffers from kcs.on the bill it says they performed a recheck eye exam, fluorescein stain, neo poly gram opth sol, and a schirmer test. now the reason i chose the vet boarding is so they can better administer his medicine.i didnt authorize all these other things. is it legal that they can do all these things unauthorized?

The vets that I work with only do "medical" boarding and they charge significantly more per night than I do as a boarding facility ($250 per night).  Generally they are pretty clear on what's authorized, many do an estimate up front of potential medical expenses, and then refund anything at the end. Even most regular boarding facilities will have you sign something that allows them to get medical treatment they find necessary and its your responsibility to pay.

It sounds like there was a gap in communication between you and your vet.  While I can't answer the legality of the question, I would think that there was some expectation of medical care when boarding a 12 yr old with eye problems, which would lead me to believe you would have trouble getting any money back on a legal basis. I think your best bet would be to talk to the Administrator and explain your frustration of the unexpected charges and ask for future credit.  Getting outright refunds are difficult to impossible but they may be more inclined to grant credits for future services.

Hope this helps.

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