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Dog Breeding and Whelping/yorkie male get pitbull/lad mix pregnant


Jill wrote at 2009-09-03 13:40:09
I have a yorkie/pitbull mix.  So yes it can happen.  Even though she was an "accident" she is the best little dog I have ever had!

slade wrote at 2013-09-20 19:11:16
Yes its possible! We have a prego pit and the dad is a yorkie. He got her when no one was looking, she did in fact lay down for him.

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Renee Cox


I can help with many questions on whelping, difficulties with pregnancy, and puppies. My breed is Boxer, but I have helped other breeders whelp many different breeds, including the small breeds. I also took a vet assistant course for my own dogs. I only have 8 years breeding experience.


I have bred, whelped, and raised Boxers for 8 years. I have also helped other breeders in different breeds whelp many litters.

I have two semesters of vet assistant training.

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