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Stephanie wrote at 2015-07-22 11:28:39
In regards to your insulin question I go to Walmart and buy his insulin there, just need a prescription for it and I get Novelin (spelling may be wrong) and it costs about $25. There and I use the U-100 needles and that is about $13 for a box of 100. I have to give my little four legged baby, who I 9 also, 12 units in the morning and again at night. But that is the cheapest pace I found to get his stuff. He is also on the prescription diet w/d food and am looking at something different that is cheaper. I can't go raw because of my disability I can't cook and have a hard time cutting. So I'm still looking but thought I'd give you another route for the insulin. So if you find something that has high fiber, which is what my vet wants me to focus on. But good luck!


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I can answer questions about choosing a commercial dog food, feeding schedules and amounts, as well as questions about raw diets. I cannot answer questions regarding home-cooked diets at this time.


I have done extensive research into canine nutrition. This includes researching both commercial dog food products as well as raw feeding. I currently feed my own dogs a raw diet.

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