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Hi Marie!  Well, my Freckie passed away in late August from her heart disease, but she had a really good life and I did all I could for her.  I've since gotten another baby, Mary, a now 5-month-old beagle/terrier mix from a rescue. She's such a good girl, but unfortunately came from a place where she was not taken care of and had worms, mites, fleas, you name it.  Revolution for the mite/flea problem appears to be working and the pimple-like lesions on her skin are gone (after a course of prednisone), but she has bloody diarrhea on a daily basis, which her vet doesn't seem alarmed about.  She's on metronidazole for the second time now without any real improvement.  She's also been on Panacure twice and Droncit for the tapeworm, with the second dose due in a week. She just tested negative for Giardia. I've been feeding her boiled chicken and beef with white rice since this started (almost two months ago)with plain yogurt in the morning and the same with a whole boiled egg added at night.  Sometimes I throw in a little pumpkin.  She eats great and has been running around like a regular puppy until about yesterday when she started sleeping all day.  She's not lethargic but almost seems bored, though she still loves to go out and walk and always wants to eat.  Anyway, her doc suggested IBD/IBS, and I've been reading up on it and her symptoms do sound like this, so I need to know what she can and can't have.  I've heard that treats (and I've only given her the most natural ones I can find) shouldn't be given to a dog with this condition as well as yogurt or egg yolks. Its all so confusing!  If you have recipes for food and treats for dogs with this problem, I'd be most appreciative.  Thanks so much for your help.  Evelyn

Hi -  Oh, sorry for your loss of Freckie;  
I would be glad to help you with your new girl, Mary!
Here is a recipe you can use for IBS - make sure you have some NuVET Plus on hand too..
Info below:  ( I have had great luck with the recipes)

Canine IBS;  bland dog food recipes for canine;

Alternative to Hill's RX dog food: **( the food the VET Sells)
The Hill's ID is awful stuff and yes, there are alternatives to the Hills RX diets.

I would like you to cook the following option at 3  small meals per day:
( 3/4 of a cup to a cup at each serving)

To start : very easy ** feed this the first 3-4 days - then Graduate to others:

You can make a low-fat "chicken dog food" by mixing:

*4-5  boiled( Cooked) and chopped, skinless chicken breasts, 1 1/2  cups cooked ( steamed) carrots, 3 cups cooked white rice and 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese. ( Must be 2% or lower in fat**
You should refrigerate any leftovers.

YOU will need to Give 1 Wafer of NuVET Plus Per day
 *A must for home cooking*** To BALANCE out the home-cooking:
Ordering Info Below - NuVET is Holistic and HELPS with the Reflux and Digestion.

NEXT Recipe -

Chicken Dinner ( pasta)

3-4  cups  of  pasta  
1  cup low-fat cottage cheese
3 skinless chicken breast meat, Cooked shredded or diced
1-2 cups steamed vegetables, cubed- grated  ( GREEN BEANS or Squash )
Mix rice and cottage cheese in a medium sized dog dish. Add chicken and veggies.
Give 1 NuVET supplement per day

Other Meats:  YOU can use VERY lean hamburger ( must be 90% or leaner ) ;  also ground cooked lamb is another option in meat choices;

Dog vitamins - a must for home cooking....

*give some NuVET Plus - 1 wafer treat per day / great for allergy dogs  - will strengthen the immune system , and helps digestion.

~~not sold in stores/ only thru Holistic VETS and Some breeders:
go her to the manufacturer:  1-800-474-7044  ( tell them pet Nurse Marie Peppers sent you from all experts)- Tell them Marie thought you may want the Powder of NuVET Plus.
They will ask you for your referral code (81098)

or go to :
*** a 3 month supply is 55.00 /
There is a Discount Program : ask them about the 15% off.....

I sure home my recipes will help.
Good luck with Mary -  

Keep me posted !  I love to follow up!

Marie Peppers LPN MA

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