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We live on a small horse farm and have 2 indoor dogs, a golden doodle and a maltipoo, 2 oudoor feral dogs, a great pearanese and a Australian sheperd and 2 feral cats.  My wife buys very good nutritional food for them but then adds additional food like canned chicken chunks, tuna, hamburger and sausage. She pours gravy and grease on the food for additional flavor.

I question the need for this extra food both for cost and the Maltipoo is overweight and the Goldendoodle frequently has stomach problems.  Also the fact that she feeds them twice a day.

Hi Lee,
Your concern over the amount and the types of food your dogs are being given is justified in my opinion.  
As humans we often equate food with love, and your wife is probably just trying to show the dogs that she cares for them, but may actually be harming them instead.  
You stated that the Maltipoo is overweight and the Doodle has digestive disturbances so it would be best to limit both of their diets at this point; less calories for the maltipoo and fewer preservatives and fats for the Doodle.
Adding REAL food to a quality kibble is a good way to give your dog added nutrition, provided that it is HEALTHY, unprocessed and low calorie supplementation.  Gravy, grease, sausage and canned meats are NOT ideal additions to any diet.
Adding UNSEASONED fresh steamed carrots, green beans, brown rice or barley, and grilled chicken or fish is a good option.  Some dogs also enjoy scrambled eggs, pumpkin and apples.  Try a variety of vegetables, grains and meats and see what they prefer and digest the best.  As with our own diets, the more natural the better (and this is usually cheaper too!)
Also consider reducing the amount of dry food at each meal, since they do eat twice per day.
Read the label on the dog food you use and make sure that you are in fact giving them the recommended amount for their body weight, age and activity levels.  And be sure it really is  GOOD NUTRITION-  is REAL meat the first ingredient?  
I hope this helps.  Good luck.  

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