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Hi, we adopted a Yorkie from a rescue group a couple of months ago.  They think she is about 2 years old.  She was heartworm positive.  She's now gone through the heartworm treatment, and is doing well.  While she was undergoing heartworm treatment I gave her some chews as treats things like rawhides, and pigs ears.  Even though I made sure they were as healthy as they could be organic etcetera she got hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and almost died.  She is now seemingly healthy, but we are SO fearful for her health, and are looking for some reassurance what, if anything did the heartworms do to her long-term health.  In addition, what did the hg do to her long-term health?  What do you recommend feeding?  Should we make the food ourselves?  Currently I buy her only organic canned food, typically Merrick, and supplement with organic dry - but now Im even fearful to feed her that.  We are SO in love with this little dog that we want to do EVERYTHING humanly possible to give her the healthiest longest life possible, so any information you can provide will be VERY much appreciated.  Thank you.

Hi Lisa,
How wonderful that this little girl has your love and commitment.  It sounds to me like you have done, and continue to do, the very best you can to care for her.  
I can not answer the questions regarding the heartworm and HG longterm effects, and suggest you ask one of the veterinary experts for their opinion.
You are buying a high quality food and this is good, but adding some home cooked nutrition to it would be a great idea.  If you have the time it would advantageous to cook things like hormone free chicken or beef thrown in a pot with water, barley or brown rice, green beans, sweet potatoes or any other vegetable that your little girl likes.  Do not over cook the veggies, de-bone the meats and skim the fat. Then mix a little in with her dry food each night.
She will love it and you will be giving her nutrients that are missing from processed commercial foods.  if you don't have time to cook, you can always find a "people food for dogs" online.
Good luck.  

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