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QUESTION: Hi my dog has issues with gas and she is on WD prescription and I was wondering if there was anything equivalent to that because it's very expensive and not too healthy thank you in advance

ANSWER: Your right about it not being healthy.  The first few ingredients are Ground Whole Grain Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Peanut Hulls, Chicken by-product Meal.
None of these are good for your dog and that's just 4 of the ingredients.  

Now you say your dog has issues with gas.  To end that problem, use one of these brands.  Websites are given to view prices. Both are great and are made fresh using only the best ingredients and high standards of manufacturing practices to insure your feeding your dog safe, healthy products.  

This will save you money and your are giving him the right food to eliminate the gas.
Hope this helps!

Susan Potts

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QUESTION: Thank you for that information ....can you advise a food
That I can get In the store ?

ANSWER: Wellness Core dog food is good.  A 26 # bag is about $62.00 on sale at Petsmart,  11# of Blue is $28.00' 4# of Wellness Supermax is $16.00, Innova is $54.00 for 30#  I was just there looking over all the food brands, their ingredients and prices.  I was shocked at the cost for the better products and discussed at the poor quality of the less-expensive foods.  To be honest, you have to ask yourself what are you willing to compermise on?? Price or quality?  To give the best food you can afford is the right thing to do.  Lets start with what your budget is, go to the premium aisle, and choose one.  

Just remember that store bought foods are made in large batches and sit around in warehouses, trucks, and store shelves.  When you order from small health food companies you are getting the safest, freshest food.


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QUESTION: Thank you I will look for those in the store.
She is overweight So should I get the weight management ones?
Also What ingredient causes more gas?

Thank you

Yes, if she is overweight you can go for one of those.  They are more costly.  As for ingredients known for causing depends on the dog and its digestive system.  May I ask why you would not concider buying from an independent pet food company?  You get better products and can save you money.

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