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ahmed wrote at 2013-03-12 13:37:12
Look im from egypt too .. royal and josera both of them good

But josera better cuz 20 kg and good price i have rott and i use josera

W mashy tamam dun worry

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Positive: understand dog food ingredients, types of supplements for different situations (mostly organic), types of home cooking, premium commercial foods, single/novel protein sources and switching to this diet, have represented Healthy Pet Net Company for two years and Simplexity Health Supplements for one year. Negative: Cannot and will not diagnose but via my experiences, strengths, trials with my own pets and discussions with nutritional experts will share my research and learning with you.


First and foremost living with rescue pets who came to me with a multitude of nutritional, dietary and physical problems. I still spend every free moment I have learning even more about how to make my pals even healthier and happier. But when something is not "broken" I do not try and fix it. I will write to people who have questions and ONLY share my own experiences with a food or product. The rest is up to them.


Have not tried to get published yet but that is coming soon.

Masters/Special Education Masters/Counseling Psychology PHd Core courses completed in psychology

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Wimbledon Tennis competitor--not exactly applicable here LOL

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Mostly friends and animal people in distress. And only if they ask me, since I do not solicit my knowledge or "expertise"

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