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Is human food healthy for my dogs?

Hi Michelle,

For decades we pet lovers have been told NOT to give our dogs anything other than dog food,
and to not change their diets at all.  But now we are finally awakening to the fact that this defies all logic and common sense (just like the awareness of what WE eat is improving). Dogs have been hanging out with us on planet earth for about 10,000 years now. Commercial dog foods were created in the 1950's.  Its a pretty safe bet they were probably eating the same stuff we've been eating for centuries before that, since there are no "kibble trees" in the wild.

So yes, REAL food is very healthy for your dogs, provided that it is fresh, clean (meaning unprocessed and unseasoned) and given in small amounts. One of the safest ways to introduce whole foods into your dogs diet is by adding a little bit in with his regular dog food at mealtime.  

Do not give your dog junk foods, fast foods, seasoned or cured meats, or  fatty foods.  

Steamed vegetables, whole grains, grilled or broiled unsalted meats as well as some dairy products and fruits are an ideal compliment to commercial pet foods.  

The process by which many canned and dry foods are manufactured destroys fragile nutrients (which are added back into the foods in forms NOT FOUND IN NATURE  and are often not absorbed by a dogs system).  Feeding gently cooked human foods will provide bio-available vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils.   

Additionally, consider what effects a diet consisting of the same over-processed commercial food for every meal would have on your health.  Variety is important for all of us.

So in summary, yes, real food is healthy for dogs.  Please make all changes to your dogs diet very slowly and in small amounts so they can adjust to the new foods.  

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