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I have a 6 months old chihuahua/dachshund mix. We have been feeding him Royal Canine 1/2 cup 3x a day. He seems to either lost his appetite or he is picking and choosing what to eat. At first, we thought that the food was too hard because he is loosing his puppy teeth. We soaked his food in water but he only eats it when he is hungry. Additionally, he has no issue chewing on those hard sticks which he loves. Today, again, we gave him the dry food but he totally ignored it. But then, we added a little bit of wet food and mixed it with it, he devoured it. Is he picking and choosing what to eat? If so, how do I correct this problem? Thanks

Hi Jackie,
I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  Somehow I missed the notification of your question.
I believe you have figured this little guy out very quickly-  in my opinion he doesn't like his food.  Have you tried other varieties of dry puppy food?  Maybe some variety is all that is lacking.  Of course, this may cause loose stools and be somewhat inconvenient during the transition but if you mix them together it will lessen the unwanted outcome (no pun intended).

My belief is that dogs,like us, thrive on variety in their diets and need REAL food in addition to a "balanced dog food" to reach ultimate nutrition.  He may just be trying to tell you that he needs some other nutrients not found in dry food, which by its very nature (cooked with pressure and high heat) is lacking in natural essential oils, amino acids, trace minerals etc.

Although it is a bit more work,I suggest trying to add veggies and meats to his dry food every day.  you can use canned or frozen green beans, carrots, pumpkin.  Buy a rotisserie chicken, wash off the seasoning, pull off the skin and shred some meat on his food.  OR you can buy Rudy Green's :)

Your baby will live a long, happy and healthy life if you listen to what he is telling you.  

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