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QUESTION: Hello there!
I'm planning on adopting a German shepherd puppy in May. That's a long way off, I know, but I'm deciding on what his/her diet will be now. I would really like to do a raw food diet because there are a lot of benefits to it. (Healthier coat, teeth, and overall health is better on raw food).

But I'm worried about a few things. One of those is sanitation. If a dog eats raw meat and then, say, licks someones hand or maybe some furniture, can the human pick up germs from the raw meat and become ill? I don't want my whole family getting severely sick because my puppy is eating raw chicken livers, necks, etc.

Also, I read that it's okay to go "cold turkey" and put a puppy that's been eating processed food straight to raw food, but there will be a period where the dog will have diarrhea and possibly vomit until his digestive system gets used to the new food. I also read that mixing puppy food/raw food is bad because they take different times to digest, hence the idea of going "cold turkey." Can I start a young puppy on raw food in the very beginning, when it can eat solid foods, to prevent that stage of discomfort for the puppy?(Obviously I will be asking the breeder if they can do this for me, I would never want to adopt a pup under 8 weeks of age.)

Also any important info on raw food diets would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so, so much!

ANSWER: Hello Sarah,

I am not a big fan of the raw diet.  There are to many issues to consider when feeding your dog raw.  One being; sanitation.  You or your family can get sick when not handled properaly.  Read about raw meat handling on packages you buy in stores.  There are also balance issues on nutrioun.  Is the diet you are feeding going to give your dog everything he needs to sustain proper health.  I always suggest people putting their dog on a super supplement like the one here:

When you get a new puppy you should always ween him into his new diet gradually.  This will help his digestive system ajust to the richness of the raw foods.  Also, please beware of the safely risks associated with bones.  Dogs can eat raw bones, however there is a potential problem with chocking.  I would suggest you watch your dog when he is eating.

If you do good this route great!, just spend the extra time cleaning your work space, it's also a good idea to wipe your puppy down (muzzle, feet) these parts can spread bacteria.  And remember to supplement.

Best to you and your pup.

Susan Potts

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QUESTION: Thank you for the response! Are there any foods you would highly recommend? I just don't want to give him anything that's super processed.

The only food I recommend is the ones I am a rep for.  They are Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch.  If you are going to review them please go through my websites as I am an independent representative and there are many others.

Thank you.  If you would like a sample I can send you some.  Just contact me through my website.

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