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Hi i have been researching a home cooked diet for my dog for a few weeks now. I particularly like Dr Strombecks home cooked recipes.

I do have a problem however in that i am concerned about lead and other metal contaminants in bone meal, I have been unable to get hold of the KAL brand used in his recipes anyway as i live in the UK. I come up with the idea however of instead of using white rice, i plan on using brown rice for the added phosphorus and ground egg shell for the calcium. Would this be ok?

My dog weighs between 27-30kg, how much phosphorus and calcium does she require?

Hi.  I commend you for doing your homework!
for her weight,  no more than 3 grams phosphorous daily; 3.9 grams calcium - you may want to double check my math.  Be careful overdoing anything; especially phosphorous. The brown rice should be sufficient.

Ground eggshells are a great source of calcium. But depending on what you include in the diet you may not need to supplement. Yogurt, cottage cheese, spinach, sweet potatoes and some fish are great sources.

Hope this helps.  

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