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Hi Susan, I have a 20 Month old Male Eastern German Shepherd (70lbs)...very active and happy, but the most finicky eater I have ever seen!!...We feed him 3 cups of a quality dry along with half a can of a quality wet food; we have tried it in the the AM and the PM and he will smell it and walk away,,and then hours later , eventually eat it, but sometimes taking 2 or 3 trips to it before finishing. My question, is this alright? the only way we seem to get him to eat it outright, is if we cook up some chicken and mince it up and mix it in. One other additive we put in it, is "Arthrimax" for his bad hips (Vets advice)...but note,,even without the Arthrimax he is still picky.

Hello Nick,

Finicky eaters are a challenge. I have known many in my years of grooming and recommending pet foods.  The one I hear most about that dogs really love is Life's Abundance see it here: and yes, that is my website.  I love and trust this food so much for my own dogs that I became a rep and started my own business with them.  

Some dogs don't eat like we think they should.  Dogs eat when they are hungry to feed their bodies.  That is very different from how we as people eat.  We think that since we eat three meals a day and snack in between that our dogs need to do the same.  

Your dog that takes many trips to the food dish before finishing it is what I like to call a grazer.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.

You may also what to skip the ArthriMAXX and give an overall supplement that helps with a lot more issues and give you a better bang for your buck.  see

Hope this helps.
Susan Potts  

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