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Hi.  I'm hoping for some help here.  I have read so much information on the internet over the past few days, and I'm just thoroughly confused by it all.  We have a 13 and 1/2 year old female spayed WGSD/Malamute mix.  She was just diagnosed with pancreatitis.  She has always been a VERY picky eater, even making herself sick from NOT eating.  We've tried the gamut of meals, from home-cooked to a plethora of canned to many dry varieties, etc.  We've tried a LOT...all resulting in "no way" from her.  So, her general diet over the past few years has been Flint River Ranch Senior Kibble (dry), which thankfully she will eat sporadically, but is always available to her day and night (we generally have to coax her to eat it).  We also have been feeding her a plate (approx. 1-2 cups) of baked boneless, skinless breast meat chicken, or turkey breast (no skin), or more recently, italian beef.  The beef is not our first choice, but as she gets older, she has been eating less and less of the chicken/turkey, and to be honest, we just want her to EAT something, and not be hungry.  So we gave in and she will generally eat the beef daily.  She will NOT eat potatoes, sweet potatoes, pasta, rice, vegetables, cottage cheese, pumpkin, eggs, etc.  It will NOT happen...we've tried over and over.  She is a carnivore, no doubt.

So, now that she has had several instances of an upset stomach, vomiting, not eating for a day or so, and some bloody diarrhea...she was tested for many things, and the bloodwork came back as pancreatitis.  Our vet said no more high-fat meat/meals.  But many of the low-fat diets I have read about for pancreatitic dogs are basically rice with chicken.  So, it seems the chicken IS fine, although I suppose it isn't balanced with the rice/pasta.  So, the vet said we could try Science Diet Prescription i/d Low-Fat canned food.  (She is NOT going to eat the dry...I know her well.)  But I've also read that this is NOT really the best food, either.  So, what canned foods can I try???  I don't want our baby's last days/months/years to be filled with pain and unpleasant tummy-aches.  (We tried a can yesterday of "Innova Large Breed Senior Canned", which I *think* is low-fat, and she did eat a little of it at two separate times.)

Also, if she refuses to eat the canned food (whatever variety we try) long-term, and will only eat chicken/turkey/beef...will it be enough of a *compromise* of sorts to just feed it at intervals throughout the day?  I know small meals through the day is easier on the pancreas than one or two larger meals.

Thank you so much for sorting through this possibly confusing post.  I appreciate any help you may be able to give me!

Dear Tina,

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The information here will help you far better then I can.

Best wishes,
Susan Potts

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