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We have a 22 lb., 6 month rescue beagle mix.  We've had her for about 2 months and she is mostly house broken.  She had been fed pedigree puppy chow (at the shelter and we continued to feed her -1 c. 2x a day, at least for now, the vet said to get her to a cup a day by 10 months) but her poop was really soft, sometimes almost liquidy. Wasn't too horrible until the anal glands had to be emptied.  She generally pooped 2x a day. Hoping to avoid future anal gland problems by firming up her poop I'm in the process of switching over her food.  We only just started mixing in a little bit of Wellness Brand (super 5 mix) with the pedigree, maybe 2 tablespoons. The poop did firm up, but now she has become a pooping machine - min. 4 times a day, sometimes in the house, literally she finished eating today turned around pooped and ate it before we even realized she finished eating. Could it be just the switchover that's the problem?  I thought with the higher quality brands they pooped less.

Hello Laura,

Just because a food claims to be a higher quality, does not mean less stool.  Switching over can and will cause some less firm stool in some pets.  If you are wanting to avoid digestive issues go right to a food that will help keep your pet's digestive track in top order. or are the two food brands that are the best for your dog's health.  Better food, less problems.  These are fresher than store bought bags of food that sit around for sometimes years.  Older food will cause a brake down in nutritious.  Freshly made food delivers better nutrition absorption.

Let me know if you need any other help.  You can contact me direct at my website.
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