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QUESTION: I make my dogs food . Is what I feed her adequate nutritionally ? I tried raw with bones which she refused to eat. I tried different type of meat and the only ones I found she did not itch with was : mixing large pack of raw ground turkey with package of slightly braised hearts and giblets ground with three to four raw eggs , and egg shells ground . Mix together and form patties and free, all raw. Then daily she gets thorvin kelp 1/2 teaspoon with one tablespoon of plain yogurt . She is 11 years old and 22 pounds. Does she need something more to her diet to make it more complete? Thanks for you time!

ANSWER: Hi Laurie,

It sounds like you have done your homework on preparing food for a dog, and found a recipe that works best for your girl. If she is healthy and active I personally would do nothing more than perhaps adding some fruit or vegetables on a daily basis.  And I would certainly vary these to see what she does best on; say one day carrots and green beans and another day strawberries and bluberries.  Undoubtedly she will have an opinion!  
If you want to add more vitamins and minerals you could supplement with Dinovite or Solid Gold powder.  They are both excellent additives and could be used intermittently.   Just be careful not to OVERDO the supplementation since she seems to be doing fine as is.  

Thanks for taking the time to ask. Congrats on being such a good pet parent!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the speedy response,  however I still have a further question or two. In regards to supplements , I give her organic kelp isn't that similar to the gold formula? The dinovite sounds like it may be a good idea because the reason I started on a more raw type if diet was because she who used to only suffer from seasonal itching , which stopped after the first frost , now this past year continued to rip at her face and rest of her body with bad itching. She also had unexplained UTI's and after an ultrasound the vet could not explain why these things were happening. I started to research and found that her diet was messed up and could be causing much if her problems. I started the journey of the new diet and tried many different food types introducing all slowly till I found the best fit for all and was also giving her PB8 and apple cider vinegar in her water as well but she will only drink from one water bowl and I found out that  the vinegar leaches with a plastic bowls so that was not a good idea  , she refuses to drink from any other bowl , I have tried them all , stainless steal, ceramic and the brat is a stubborn Shiba inu , so I treated her for the most part as if she had systemic yeast issues. But the itching is getting more uncomfortable again so would this dinovite help that ? I started her on the kelp because I thought it was almost a complete supplement for her and added egg shells to the food for her needed  calcium . I don't have tons of cash to do all of this. Would I give the kelp and the Dinovite daily? Or alternate every other day with each? Also I don't go crazy giving fruits or vegetables because as conivores the only vegetation in the wild an animal would eat would be what ever is in the stomaches if what they kill and  are consuming which would not be a large amount and they have trouble digesting carbs anyway so you have to really cook it down and more or less purée the fruits or vegetables for easier absorption , so does she really need them ? And I don't think rice or oats or potatoes are good for them as they don't eat that stuff in the wild either and don't digest it at all. Thank you so much for your time, I was hoping I was doing right by my pet but had no one to ask about whether or not I was going about all this new approach to feeding my dog the right way, my vet has no idea what I have been doing yet, and he was not keen on me changing her food because one  of the things I last asked him was could it be her diet and he did not think so. He said some dogs just keep  getting UTI's and who knows why she is itchy and although steroids are not the way to go he was not sure what direction was.but I remember my mom used to cook for our dogs , she would mix horse meat and kibble and vitamins . So me being  a nurse and  coming from a family who bred German for years and Arabian horses along with other  assorted farm critters was not happy with his answer and set out to find my own, and since have become very pro active in educating pet owns on face book or at work , the dangers of store bought pet foods and treats. I don't know it all and am still learning and I appreciate all of your input. I know about the diet for humans but as for dogs I know their diets are a bit more complicated so all of your help is greatly appreciated . Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

I have heard of repeated UTIs stemming from water sources but again, i am not a vet, so i don't want to go too far out on a limb here. That being said you might want to look into it.
Regarding the "in the wild" concept, my belief is that dogs have been hanging out with us for about 10,000 years now, and for most of that have been eating what we eat.  So i DO think they should have plant nutrition.  But again, this is just my opinion.  
I commend you on your commitment to your pets and doing all you do. There is so much we don't know about nutrition and you are doing the right thing by paying close attention.

Thanks again for writing.


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