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We have a 4-year-old, spayed female, miniature schnauzer who has a tendency towards pancreas problems.  Don't want that to happen.    Hates canned Rx products.  What recipes do you have for her?  I read the diets you recommended for schnauzers who have had stones.  Would those recipes work for her? So hard to find anything that she will eat twice.  Other than that she is healthy and very active.  Thank you.

Home cooking for your canine; Let Pet Nurse Marie help with home cooking for special needs;  I am glad to give you some recipes you can pass by your Vet for Approval .  I will also recommend a few supplements to make sure you meal is balanced and safe
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All my clients do use a Daily NuVet Plus Supplement to balance their diet.  EVEN Quality Dog food does not have enough supplement protection in it.  Dog foods are cooked at high levels of temperature and some of the ingredients are lessened during the cooking process

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I need to know your dogs problem / diagnosis and weight

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I have been working , along with the vet , on some HOME MADE feeding: Let me know if you need help with home cooking: Kidney failure / struvites / crystals Calculi/Stones (Urinary Tract Infections) hillspets; k9cuisine; Wynsong food reviews; Dog food Reviews; *If you make a donation, I give my proceeds to Pet Rescue. I work with 10 rescue groups that are local and national. Donations are appreciated.. ( my private e-mail is :

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